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District One Road Crew Helps Add Parking For Football

John Hill (on the dozer) packs fresh dirt on top of the town’s old swimming pool to prepare the site for extra parking for football season. Supervisor Cayce Washington reported his crew has been working on the site, located just above the home side of the high school stadium.

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – The only remnants of the decades-old city swimming pool located above the home side of the high school football stadium is jello-like soil  and concrete walls that extend almost 12 feet on the deep end of the former watering hole. That is because the District One county crew – Wayne Smith, Kenny Caulder, John Pomerlee, John Hill (on the dozer) and Daniel Brooks – have worked off-and-on for several weeks on this school project along with helping fix drainage issues at the elementary school. 

Washington reported almost 50 loads of dirt dug from nearby school property was used to build up the area at the old pool site.

Even after weeks of hauling dirt and packing it with a dozer, the ground is still spongy from the water-dirt mix that stood for decades. The pool was closed after integration and was filled in during the 1980s. It has been an eyesore since then. 

Athletic Director Brad Embry reported the plan is to have the space ready to help ease the congested parking for Friday night football parking. 

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