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Potential Candidate Surfaces In Beat 3

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – One potential candidate is already considering a run for District 3 supervisor following the announcement last month that Lee McMinn will not seek a third term. Kenny Harmon told the Herald last week that he is contemplating a run in the 2019 county election.

Harmon is a local contractor and does commercial and residential remodels along with new construction, working a pair of crews. He is also  a part-time cattle farmer.

Harmon believes stretching the tax dollar will continue to be one of the biggest challenges for county government in the coming years. He cited his experience in the construction field as an asset when it comes to managing budgets.

“If you bid on a job, you have a budget and you have to stick to it,” Harmon explained. “It’s no different with county government.”

Harmon also cited the changes in the job that have come in the last few decades make it important to elect the right person for the job.

“Supervisors have a lot of responsibilities, there is so much they do, it’s not just about roads and bridges,” Harmon added. 

But most importantly, Harmon acknowledged that he is not a politician. 

“All I know to do is try to be fair and honest with folks. You can’t promise folks what you are and are not going to do,” Harmon explained. 

McMinn narrowly won the seat by eight votes in a runoff against Kenny Goolsby in 2011. He was unopposed in 2015. He reported in a June supervisor meeting that eight years will be enough, citing his commitment to make hard decisions without worrying about political fallout. 

“In order for me to make good solid decisions – and I am going to make them anyway – for the good of my district and the county as a whole, I have decided I am not going to seek re-election in two years,” McMinn said.

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