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FMA All Stars Will Take The Stage Saturday

Jon Mcleod and Casey Lipe are included in the talented lineup of the FMA All Stars.

Foster Music & Arts will present another of its FMA Showcases at the Old School Theater on Saturday, September 16. These musical variety shows are hosted by the house band The FMA All Stars, which regularly features saxophonist  Casey Lipe,  Steve McGregory, on organ and piano, Amy Fisher on bass, and Jon McLeod and Kevin Guyer on guitar, playing classic rock and soul favorites. 

Each show also features sets by guest artists. For this showcase, Oxford singer songwriter Zechariah Lloyd will play an opening acoustic set and, coming all the way from West Helena Arkansas, rockabilly and blues legend C.W. Gatlin will be featured in a trio with veteran Grenada guitarist Bud Bays.

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