Chamber Will Sponsor Decorating Contest For Local Businesses

The Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Christmas Decorating Contest for all downtown businesses this year.  Three category winners will reap cash prizes including $50 for Best Door, $50 for Best Window, and $100 for Best Overall Decorations.  Decorations must be up no later than Tuesday, Nov. 27, in order to be judged, and the winners will be announced the night of “Christmas in the Valley” on Nov. 30.

An additional newspaper contest will allow three winners to receive cash prizes of $25 each if they can solve a Christmas Decorations Puzzle by examining photo clues to be published in the Herald on Dec. 6th, 13th, and 20th.  Each of those weeks, a photo will be taken of Christmas decorations at random businesses in the area.  However, only a PARTIAL view of the decorations will be shown.  Winners will have to guess which business was photographed.  

Participants will need to call the Chamber of Commerce office at 473-1122 to submit their guesses, and only the first correct answer each week will be accepted.  This should prove to be a fun contest, and anyone can participate!

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