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List Of Poll Workers Released For Election

Poll workers for the General Election on November 6 will be as follows: 

BEAT ONE NORTH: Lowedia Doolin, RO; Pam Timmins, Doris Holmes, Patsy Stewart and Judy Sartain;

BEAT ONE SOUTH: Patricia Rodrigue, RO; Marjorie Moore, Teresa Persick, and Mary Townes;

BEAT TWO WATER VALLEY: Colleen Craven, RO; Mary Lou Jones, Alice Williams, Rubye Car, and Inez Turner;

BEAT THREE NORTHWEST: Jill Clark, RO; Bobby Schmitz, Shirley Avant, and Rebecca York;

BEAT THREE SYLVA RENA: Rose Bennett, RO; Ora Lee Phillips, Bennia Philips, and Martha Tatum;

BEAT FOUR COFFEEVILLE: Doyle Varner, RO; Claude Harris, Kyna Logan, Riva Shelton, and Delice Reese; 

BEAT FOUR OAKLAND: George M. Worsham, RO;  Lizzie Earl, Freddie Winters, Stephanie Patterson, and Deborah McLeod;

BEAT FIVE COFFEEVILLE: Deborah Bourn, RO; Sandra Rains, Floydette McClora, Elsie Harrison, and Jean Farmer; 

BEAT FIVE SCOBEY:  Vickie Hollis, RO; Pauline Jenkins, and Kimberly Melton;

BEAT FIVE SCUNA—VANN’S MILL: Cathy Harrison, RO; Rebecca Marion, Georgia Russell, and Elizabeth Coleman;

BEAT FIVE TILLATOBA: Sherry Cook, RO; John Cook, Essie Gary, Callie Hoop, and Susan Howe.

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