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Nine Baptized In Service At The County Jail

Nine inmates were baptized during a special service Sunday at the Yalobusha County Detention Center. Rev. Marcus Dudley (left) with Kingdom Movement Community Church in Coffeeville presided over the service.

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – Nine inmates were baptized at the Yalobusha County Detention Center during a special service Sunday afternoon.

“Three ladies and six men,” reported department chaplain Calvin Hawkins. “This is probably the first time there has been a service like this in our jail.”

Hawkins said that Sunday’s service is part of ongoing ministry at the county jail that includes weekly services led by multiple churches in the community as well as volunteers including regulars Liz Ferguson, Ralph Schmitz, Angelina Williamson and others.

Hawkins, who has served as the sheriff department’s chaplain since the new jail opened four years ago and as a volunteer at the former jail since 1997, also said that the jail ministry changes lives. 

“We have many people who have found Christ at the jail,” Hawkins said. “And when they get out, you can tell that their life has changed.” 

Sunday’s service was lead by Kingdom Movement Community Church, a non-denominational church in Coffeeville pastored by Rev. Marcus Dudley. 

“This was a non-denominational service,” Hawkins explained, which is important when ministering to people from different denominations or with no church affiliation. 

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