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Inside The Blue And White

As I walked through the hallways during class changes the other day, I heard a teacher tell a student this statement. “You know I got you with whatever you need, unless it’s money, then I can’t help you.”

The teacher playfully added in the money part to get a laugh but when I walked away, I thought about how true the first part of that sentence really is. I can honestly say that there are so many teachers at school who care way more than just about our grades or attention spans. There are so many teachers that truly will help us with whatever we need – in and outside of school.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I like to look at the multitude of things that I am so extremely thankful for. When I think about thankfulness and school together, and I think I am speaking for most students when I say, it can be difficult. It can be difficult to find thankfulness in the midst of that 100 question history test or 10-page research paper. However, there are many things that Water Valley students and only Water Valley students have to be thankful for. The main thing and focus of this article is the teachers.

In personal experience, I have had teachers who have asked me if they could help with anything. I have had teachers who have told me how proud they are of me. I have had teachers who have supported me and gave me encouragement.

As I mentioned in my first article, community is one of my favorite things, and I believe that living in a small town has a big impact on the teaching staff. Other schools cannot understand the relationships the students and teachers at Water Valley have. They cannot understand that their relationship reaches beyond school. It is so important for students to know that their teachers care about their lives and activities, and this is extremely evident in the teachers we have at school.

We all have the opportunity to say that the teachers at school are teachers who sympathize with you after a long night full of sports, who laugh with you about the smallest things, who compare music and college sports with you, who ask you about your family and what they are up to, and so much more. That is why I am so thankful for my teachers. Despite the long essays, presentations, projects, and tests they frankly just want the best for you in all aspects of life They want to work with you and watch you understand and get it right. They want to see you smiling in the hallways. They want to see you succeed in whatever you do.

Sydney Epes, a senior at Water Valley High School states, “I am thankful for my teachers at school because they have helped me grow as a person and have taught me some of my most valued life lessons about staying on track. I have had many teachers cheer me up on bad days or just help me when I was struggling in a class. They always took the time to help me understand what I didn’t, and they have each helped me a lot throughout my high school career.”

So, this is a huge tribute to our teachers. A big thank you from the entire student body for everything they do for us is long overdue but much needed.


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