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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Finished my first round of gainful employment as a pecan picker-outer and even got to enjoy a fresh apple cake made from some of my work. Bo is back at work getting me another bucket of nuts – more are falling. The cats have gotten rid of the squirrels that usually claim the pecan crop, but now Bo is having to fight the neighbor’s little dog. Did you ever see a dog eat a pecan? Well this little fellow eats them like they are candy.

One night early in the week (and a very cold one) I woke to a totally dark room. Very unusual, since I leave my bathroom light on and my bedroom door slightly open. I travel to the door and then I have a lighted hall and bath. It’s really not safe to walk with a walker  in total darkness and I’d left my flashlight at an unknown destination.

I keep my phone under my pillow and my brain was working, telling me it was a pretty good light. Dug it out and made it safely to the bath. As I attempted to place the phone in my PJ pocket, I missed and it hit the floor flying into three pieces. Feeling around I picked them up and carefully made it back to the bed by feel. Safely back on the bed, I stayed snuggly under my blanket until Jimmie checked on me. Her report  was that the power company had called and reported current would be restored by 8:30, which came with still no electricity.

The funny part of this story was that the day before Jimmie’s new range had finally been installed. She quipped that now that we have a great new stove, we’re having dry cereal and milk for breakfast. Finally got power about  10:30, but we were lucky. Even with no power we were as warm as if it had been a summer day. The Cole house has about 40 feet of floor to ceiling glass, and even on very cold days the den and dining room are very comfortable.

Phone was repairable. Jimmie got it back together and after pushing all the buttons many times decided she’d have to go to C-Spire to see if their repair man could fix it or to by a new one.  Said he took the phone, held down the  end button for a few seconds and the thing came to life. He explained that to get the phone back up you have to hold the  end button down for a longer time – just punching it would not get the job done. This bit of info may  help some of you .

Enjoyed a visit from Betty and Al Davis and Janice Dollahite early in the week. They’d been to Batesville to eat at one of the Mexican restaurants and just came on by. Always enjoy visits from Valley friends. Get the paper each week, but there is just not enough space in it to include all the personal, Main Street and church news. Also, David would have to have dozens of pages to get all the news these two gals amass. You really don’t realize how much you miss all the news tidbits you get daily as folks pass through the Herald doors. It was a wonderful visit.

Then Sunday night Betty texted Jimmie to tell her she couldn’t call, because she could not talk – had a horrible case of laryngitis. Said it was really quiet around the Davis house – she couldn’t talk  loud enough for Al to hear her and she just got tired of trying. They may be communicating through their phones. I always hated  cell phones but with this ailment they really do have some value.

Saturday Missy, Michael, and Caroline attended a charity barrel racing contest in Winona. Missy’s friend is involved in barrel racing and Caroline thinks she may want to take up the  sport. They enjoyed the event and on the way home they dropped Caroline off to visit during the Thanksgiving holidays. The house sure is more lively and a lot noisier. She is lots of fun and we do enjoy her visits. Her training for  Buddy (our dog) has already resumed – he now knows  how to jump over a  pole.

Her Uncle Bo says, “Caroline you have  taught him to jump over the pole, why don’t you train him not to jump on people?”

Her answer was, “Now you do know he’s just a dumb mutt, not a trainable show dog.”

We’re all looking forward to Thanksgiving. The Cole clan will gather at the oldest sister’s, Margaret, home, where they hope to make a family photo along with enjoying a huge meal, which includes three turkeys.

I remarked, “That’s enough turkey for half the county.” Margaret and Jimmie replied, “You’ve never seen this crew eat. Well, I haven’t since they were children. Carolyn and Bo will have their family and I was invited, but have decided to continue my many years of watching the Christmas  parade and eating what ever falls in my plate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and just keeping calling, writing and praying. All you expressions of love are appreciated.

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