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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

I don’t know about y’all but I was ready for a big chili and cornbread dinner Sunday. We ate the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers Saturday. Sunday we celebrated my daughter, Donna Garripoli’s birthday (I don’t have permission to tell which one) with a big chili dinner in her home at South Lakes. Birthday cake and ice cream followed! Miranda and Summer Procella, you two did a great job!

It was a rainy, windy day Saturday so I stayed in and got my Christmas stuff out and went through it all to see what I was going to use. I woke up around 6:30 a.m. and by 8:30 I had all my Christmas dishes, favorite cups and glasses washed, dried and in the cabinet.

Festus, Ruth Jane and Amanda Hailey visited with Peggy Bailey at the Grenada Living Center Nursing Home on Tuesday. Saturday they spent the day in Houston visiting Mike and Rhonda Hailey and family. Mike and Festus are brothers and they always enjoy visiting with each other.

Faye Hartley had a spot on her lung and after tests it showed up as a pneumonia scar. Faye said she still doesn’t feel good and she just can’t get over it. She cooked about 95 pans of rolls all week besides working. Faye makes the best homemade rolls.

Nathan Hartley and children, Rowland, Mary Brett and McLendon, along with Kristie, Faye and Mark had Thanksgiving supper Thursday night in Mark’s and Faye’s home.

Martha Box said she took most of last week off and did some decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also know she has been doing some crocheting, too! She had a wonderful gathering in her home for Thanksgiving. She reported the kids did all the cooking and it was great! Even her great granddaughter, Addie, and granddaughter, Marnie, cooked good – good company, good food with a lot of laughter.

Phil and Ginger Harrison and sons, Jake and Josh, had a great time at her mommas, Martha Box, for Thanksgiving. All of us were able to be there including Phil’s mom, Diane Hill, said Ginger.

Sunday, they attended Pine Grove church and celebrated Linda Harrison’s 80th birthday. She was presented with a plaque in appreciation of her continued service to Pine Grove as secretary. It was a great day with more great food and cake! Josh played his guitar and sang “One day at a Time.”

He did a great job, it was told.

Diane Dukes’ sister, Ellen Parker of Greenville, came Wednesday and visited with Diane and family until Sunday. I know she had a good time, and she had plenty to eat while here so maybe she will come back again soon.

We enjoyed our visit with Wayne Taylor Thursday. Wayne comes by and checks on us from time to time. Thank you Wayne!

Happy first anniversary to Cody and Beth Tillman Deloach on December 1. May you two have a long and happy marriage.

Happy eighth anniversary to Chad and Morgan Newman Eskridge on December 13th. May you two have many more years of love and happiness.
Happy belated birthday to Krista McFerrin, who celebrated Monday, November 28; Deborah McCool and her granddaughter, Caitlyn Beavers, celebrated on December 1. Happy birthday to Darlene Moorman on the 2nd; to twins Patrick and Peyton McMillian, and Stephanie Ruis Holliday on the 3rd; Presley McMillian celebrates the 4th; Keith Venable the 5th; Maci McLendon Scott and Cody McLendon share a birthday on the 6th; Jimbo Whitaker the 7th; Betsy Hartley the 8th; and Freda Weir, R.P. Newman and Tara Rotenberry share a birthday on the 9th. My great grandson, Bradley Holliday, celebrates the 10th. I hope you all have a great day of celebrating your special day!

Sweet little girl cousins, Haven Rose Dukes and Joanna Pullen visited with Santa Claus Saturday. I think one liked Santa and the other one was scared of him! I’m not telling which one was afraid but she’s kin to me!

Tommy and Debbie McCool went to her daddy’s, Ray Bell, and fixed Thanksgiving dinner. Her daughter, Kimberly, and Jason and kids came. Her sister, Patsy, was a little under the weather with the rain so they fixed her a plate and took it to her. Angela, her other daughter, and her bunch decided to have Thanksgiving at home, just them. And Christopher, their son who lives in Senatobia, always fixes for his wife’s family and they come over since he has the biggest house – plenty of room for them all.

Yesterday after church Tommy and Debbie started decorating outside their home, and Debbie said they have a lot more to do. She will have to get the church decorated, which is lots of fun. Save me some of that energy, Debbie!
Those at our Thanksgiving table were Brad and granddaughter, Francesca Holliday; and son, Bradley; son, Timothy Sullivan, daughter, Donna Garripoli; granddaughter, Miranda; Summer Procella; and your writer and David. They all cooked and brought up and I made the dressing. A blessed day it was!

Thought for the day….. Patience is the ability to keep your motor idling when you feel like stripping your gears.

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