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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

Christian love and sympathy to the Karen Patricia Bell Merrill family of Tillatoba. Karen passed away Tuesday, February 21, at the Baptist Memorial Hospital – North Mississippi in Oxford. She was born November 9, 1956 in Michigan to Ray, Jr. and Opal Dunn Bell. Karen’s heart was in loving and being with her family. She found great enjoyment in cooking delicious meals and watching those she loved enjoy them. She will be missed for many years to come.

This weather is something else! Cool enough for a heater one day and running the air conditioner the next. I’m mighty afraid we are going to have a very, hot summer. I’m dreading it already! Cold weather doesn’t bother me near as much as hot weather.

I had a text from Sheryn Goode saying, “Time is flying, used to seem at a stand still. I thought I would never get grown.”

I remember feeling the same way. Now it won’t slow down. You young folks enjoy every minute and don’t rush a second! It won’t be long until you are wishing for it to slow down too!

Daisy and Mickey Isbell attended the funeral of Mickey’s sister, Judith Marie Calvert, of Boyd, Texas recently. Judy passed away Friday, Feb. 17. Daisy and Mickey enjoyed a delicious fish meal at the fish house in Oakland Saturday. On Sunday they attended Courtland Church of Christ. Daisy invites, “Come one, come all.” Services at the church, located on Hwy. 51 south of Batesville, are held from 10 a.m. until noon Sunday morning and 1:30 in the afternoon.
Faye Hartley said she spent the weekend watching her grandson, Rowland Hartley, play ball in Oxford. Rowland loves playing and is a very talented. It’s good seeing so many little ones involved in all sports.

Guess who is trying to get her priss back by really working out. These muscles are grooving but the joints are moaning and yelling “STOP IT” says Martha Box!

Martha said much love to her long-time friends Ray Bell, Debbie McCool and the Merrell family for the loss of her long time friend, Patsy Bell Merrell. Patsy and her mother, Opal, are together again.

Martha had a great visit at Willow Springs Assembly of God Sunday.
“Wow, what a message and the singing praises filled my tired, wore out self,”Martha shared.

Martha’s sister, Joyce Stevens, met her for a great lunch at Catfish Hut. They had a lot of good food, a lot of laughs and visits with so many long-time neighbors and friends. Her brother, Jesse, and daughter, Ginger, topped off this good day with their visit.

Festus, Ruth Jane and Amanda Hailey visited Eugene and Peggy Bailey Tuesday. Please keep this sweet couple in your prayers.

Our visitors Sunday were Miranda and Summer Procella, Bradley Holliday, Donna Garripoli and Ruth Jane Hailey. If they had stayed long enough, I was going to pull out my old croquet set and challenge them to a game. I used to be the world champion, as I like to think!

Sherry Anderson extends gratitude to everyone who came out and supported Quay and Shelia Peacock at the benefit.

Happy 16th belated Birthday to Colby Ferguson, who celebrated the 27th! Now, starting out March with a birthday are: Linda Ross Aldy and my Caledonia friend, Jordan Bell, celebrate the 1st; Ash Counts, Trudy Simmons, Maci Kent and Anita Smith share a birthday on the 2nd; Betty Sue Garrison on the 3rd; Fred Jackson, David Toney, Becky Hunter, Stephanie McMillian and twins, Drew Tillman and Beth Deloach, celebrate on the 5th; Joe Davis Franklin celebrates the 6th; and Angie Beardain on the 8th. May you all have a great day of celebrating your special day!

Thought for the day…..Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself.

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