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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

Good morning or good evening all you faithful readers. I hope you all have had a good week and that your garden is growing! With the help of Joseph Thompson, ours is looking good as of now.

The rain we had last week kept our garden pretty wet but, David finally got to run the tiller through it and cleaned out some of the grass.
Christian love and sympathy to the family of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Moody, 92, of Grenada, who passed away Friday, May 19, 2023 at her residence. A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, May 25 at the Drew City Cemetery.

Martha Box says you know my thought on time passing by like a feather in the wind!

“Just the other day I fist-fought a bull off of my three year-old Ginger,” she said. On Sunday evening she, the mother of two grown men came over to visit. Yes, time is flying on by us, Martha.

Martha visited the memorial service at Willow Springs Assembly of God on Sunday for their 80th anniversary. She said it was well led with past and present history iterated. And such an out pouring of Holy Spirit felt throughout followed by a great meal and fellowship.

Bro. Tommy Darby assured the congregation that the deserts were calorie free, so she tasted a few and she did warn him and his brother, Charlie, that if she gained a pound she would PLUCK A SWITCH! LOL

Martha also had a great meal with picking and singing at Carmella’s Tuesday.

Daisy and Mickey Isbell met Erika, Kayla Ann and Kaleb in Grenada at Jake & Rips Friday for Daisy’s birthday. Daisy said it was good!

Phil and Ginger Harrison went with son, Josh, and his friends and their family to the mountains in Tennessee. They had a fabulous and relaxing trip! On Sunday their son, Jake, led the music at Pine Grove Church and sang the special. Ginger said he did a great job! Monday is coming way too fast for sure, she said.

My granddaughter, Francesca Holliday of Grenada, fell through a pier fishing Saturday at the hunting camp. She is okay though, just sore. It could have been a lot worse.
Congratulations to grandson Bradley Holliday for making all star son his ball team.

Tommy and Deborah McCool went to their grandson’s graduation Thursday night. Christopher McCool’s youngest son, Hayden, graduated with highest honors and is a National Honors Society member. He is going to college to study journalism and get into sports broadcasting.

After visiting with Deborah’s daddy, Ray Bell, Saturday, Tommy’s and Deborah’s granddaughters, Hannah and Catilyn Beavers and Allie Dukes, went to town with Deborah and then spent the night with them. Tommy got the bicycles out and they all rode up and down their road. Deborah said she may have seen them go by my house. She also said that hill is tough in front of my house.

I didn’t see them, Debbie, but that’s a tough hill to conquer. I made it a few times in my younger days.

Tommy and Ann Hudson and friend, Barry Baker, porch visited with us and brought me a beautiful rose bush for my birthday. Also son, Derek Deck, visited on Monday.
Happy birthday to Lisa Chambers and Caleb Franklin the 23rd; Mary Hill the 25th; Jessie Anna Robinson the 26th; my comedian friend, Bob Bailey celebrates on the 27th; and Teresa Jaco Bailey celebrates the 28th. May you all have a great day celebrating your birthday.

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