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TIN Plans Eight Fun ‘Free’ Camps

This Is Noteworthy
By Becca Finley

Well y’all, it is summertime in the Valley. It means you can expect no school, long days at the lake, barbecues, bike rides, summer jobs, and plenty of time to enjoy all that makes your soul shine.

This Is Noteworthy (tin) is opening the doors in June for eight fun “free” experiences for our youth entering K-12. Robin Santana, a Biloxi ceramicist, is joining us for the month to teach us how to build things with clay…music makers, bowls, sculptures and more.

If your junior or high schooler has a funny bone, Becca Finley will be facilitating the most basics of improv in the late morning, and then joining TJ Weaver (writer/director from Houston) for our second year. He heads up the acting section for our young theatre enthusiasts, while James McCormick and Jackie Daniels will assist in all things tech, building, costumes and props. And we are all stoked that Cinnamon Foster and The Old School Theatre will be hosting this extravaganza.

Finally, in July, we have the treat of another family team:  third grader Jakita and her mom Nicole Folson are getting in the groove with manners, and etiquette. This graceful and necessary art form is waning a bit in our world today, and this magnificent duo is bringing it back in an easy-to-digest, fresh, fun way.

All camps this summer are free to attend because a bunch of amazing Water Valley humans made this possible with their generosity. Obviously all the people/entities listed above as well as Solero, Magnolia Coffee, Mulberry Lane, Simmons House, Cool Dog Sound, GiGi’s, and a few more very generous anonymous individuals.

Basic info you need is one the poster, and applications are available by requesting them through the website, emailing us at, or texting 843-819-7811 to request one.

BTC, Magnolia, and Mulberry Lane have paper copies available as well. Deadlines are coming up starting June 9, and spots are first-come, first-serve with application.

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