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Grateful Customer Extends Appreciation For Grocery Store

Dear Editor,

I would like to address this letter to Water valley and surrounding area shoppers.
Let us be thankful for our only local grocery store, Larson’s Cash Saver. Let us be thankful for the owners, staff and suppliers.

As a wife, mother and grandparent of a host of children, I shop at Larson’s often. I’m so thankful I can feed my family using our local grocery store. Even with the 10 percent extra charges, I save gas by shopping local. Instead of us complaining, let us be grateful that we have a local grocery store.

There is an old quote, “You don’t miss your water until your well runs dry.”
So let us start thanking our workers at Larson’s Cash Saver.

From: A sooo grateful shopper

Mae Ruth Benson

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