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Inside The Blue And White

I am astonished to be introduced as your current writer of “Inside the Blue and White.” My name is Mya Michelle Harden and I am a senior at Water Valley High. I am involved in many sports and academic clubs such as cheer, powerlifting, color guard, volleyball, track, annual staff, student council, beta club, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, student council, and much more! Being so involved in school brings about great responsibility. Now that I’ve added writing in the newspaper to my list of activities, my newest responsibility is to give you the inside scoop of what goes on at Water Valley High School!

To begin, each sport advanced their players’ skill development throughout the summer with many summer practices, games, camps, and intense conditioning. Basketball players practiced their game day techniques through daily training, skilled competitions, and even traveled to Universities to critique their craft.

The cheerleading team focused on stunting development by having weekly clinics. The football team improved their offensive and defensive skills through numerous summer camps where they traveled to colleges and different academies to receive advanced-level assistance. The volleyball team prepared for their starting season through summer games, daily practices, and consistent drills.

Band and color guard mastered their marching ability, flag routines, and instrumental notes through two weeks of camp, where the Blue Devil band endured hardcore training. Each sports player at Water Valley High has diligently worked throughout the summer to prepare for the upcoming seasons. Be sure to come out and support each sport as they launch into a fantabulous season!

The Water Valley High School Powerlifting team provided “heavy lifting” for the Largest Watermelon Contest at the Watermelon Carnival Saturday.

As summer break winds down, the town is ending summer with one of our well-known annual traditions, the Watermelon Carnival, where the community comes out to enjoy a live band, tasty food vendors, a firework show, boutiques filled with remarkable merchandise, auctions, watermelons, but most importantly, a good time filled with community. The carnival is not only a great way to unite the town and bring others from all around, but it is a good outing for school students of all ages to have their last moments of summer fun with their peers before returning to school.

As Water Valley High students arrive at school from all of their summer fun, many students are jumping right back into their school groove. Although everyone is adjusting to their new schedule changes, sports, and overall change of grade, students are still excited to see their returning classmates and other new faces.

While each grade has its individual celebrations and gatherings, the Senior Class of 2024 stood out as they anxiously waited to begin their final year of high school. They started their shindigs this summer, hosting a splash-filled day at the pool and concluding their evening on a monstrous water slide.

The night before school, seniors assembled at the high school to decorate their cars with funky colors to show off their creativity as they entered a new school year, but not just any school year, their very last. The following day the class transported their colorful cars and senior decorations to have the first senior breakfast of the year, and it did not stop there.

The seniors proceeded to rally through the town and into the school parking lot blaring their horns and blasting their finest tunes, as this is a tradition for seniors on their last first day of school. These senior activities are only the beginning for the senior class of 2024, as they plan on making this their most memorable year yet!

Mya Harden is excited to report the news from inside the halls of the Blue and White each week.


For the past two years, alumnus Chloe Clement, the originator of the article in the North Mississippi Herald, “Inside the Blue and White” has been a fantastic leader and writer. Due to my strong passion for writing and significant involvement and leadership in Water Valley High,

Chloe considered me a good candidate to continue her weekly writings. She recommended that I uphold her article, as she is now taking on a new chapter of her life at Ole Miss.

When asked, “How does it feel to be able to pass the torch down to another fellow Blue Devil”? Chloe responds with a heartfelt statement.

“I am so extremely excited that Mya is continuing this article! I am blessed to know Mya and call her a friend! She is such a hardworking, caring, genuine, and kindhearted person! I just know that she is going to put all she has into this article, and I cannot wait to see her take on “Inside the Blue and White!”

I am so humbly thankful to receive this amazing opportunity to be your newest member of the North Mississippi Herald! I can not wait to give you the latest updates and news right from within the walls of the Blue and White!

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