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Hill Country Living

Hill Country Living
By Coulter Fussell

All I’ve done for these many months of unrelenting heat waves is wish for cooler weather and as soon as that cooler weather arrives I can’t handle it. Last Friday night while hanging outside at a porch party I was shivering like a I had a glitch in my matrix and started going into what I assumed was hypothermia. I looked at my phone to check the temperature. It was 67. The psychosis-inducing heat this summer seems to have changed the thresholds of my temperature tolerance and made me a total wimp. So, I borrowed a sweatshirt from the host and tried to survive happy hour.

In turn, I’ve leaned all in when it comes the fall season this year. I’ve turned on the heat already. I’ve changed all the sheets on the beds to the flannel sets. I’ve reversed my window routine by closing the blinds at night and keeping them open during the day. I’ve made soup. I bought mums.

Speaking of, why did no one tell that mums are on the verge of death every minute of the day? It wasn’t until I had purchased two pretty pink-lender porch mums and brought them home to apparently die in front of all of Wood Street that I realized I had never personally owned a mum before. I didn’t know they demanded an entire Nile River to flow through them every day to keep them in the land of the living. Those two mums are needier than twin toddlers. Fall needs a new mascot plant that’s more user friendly like, say, the goldenrod weed. You don’t even have to plant it! It just grows wherever and asks for nothing!

In Water Valley news, it was a big weekend. The city-wide yard sale seemed like a popular event. I took my usual morning walk around town and there were, in fact, yard sales everywhere. I stayed on brand and bought three crocheted watermelon potholders from Mulberry Lane Resale Shop.

Tourists came for this event from all over! I saw lots of people from Oxford. Main Street was packed all day. I’m sure this event will happen annually, if not more often than that, as it definitely has the potential to really grow into something bigger and really fun. Good job to all the organizers and promoters of this event.

The event I was looking forward to the most was the Blessing of the Animals down in Pocket Park. I’m not religious myself but I thought maybe my wiener dog, Oscar, would like to explore his spirituality, especially since he had to go to the vet recently for an infected dew claw.

Well, Oscar, who typically walks all over town, absolutely refused to walk past Mechanics Bank towards the park. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s not interested in religion or if it’s because he was sensing some bad omens emanating from the animal blessing happening at Pocket Park.

There’s a chance that he was just embarrassed to go to church with me, which is entirely understandable. But, the event looked very cute from a distance and maybe Oscar will go next year.

Water Valley’s activity calendar is staying alive this coming weekend with the ever-popular Art Crawl! I hope to see you all there!

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