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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

Happy Thanksgiving to all you faithful readers out there. I pray all of you, along with your families and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with an abundance of love and food.

On Saturday,November 11, the Crenshaw family gathered at the family home place, the home of Donnie Crenshaw Toole.   Descendants of Willie Crenshaw Freeman were Johnny and Leslie Freeman.  Descendants of  John D, “Snip” Crenshaw were John Crenshaw  Hunter and Ann Turner Kizer, Terry Morgan and Missy. Descendants of Bob Crenshaw were Donnie Crenshaw Toole,  Louise Crenshaw Arnold, Margaret Crenshaw Wilbourn and Lannie,  Lee Toole, Charles Toole, Garrison Toole accompanied by Hannah Ivy, and Katie Toole accompanied by Garrett Miller. Mike and Matt Hendrix, descendants of Clyde Crenshaw were unable to attend.  It was a beautiful day, and they hope to make it an annual event on Veteran’s Day weekend.

Eddie and Vivian Simmons, members of Tillatoba Baptist Church, loaded 122 shoeboxes Wednesday morning and delivered them to Water Valley.
Little James Lee Sturdivant lost both of his front teeth Thursday night. I hope the tooth fairy brought him double monies!

Please pray for the editor and publisher of the Sun-Sentinel, Clay McFerrin, as he underwent surgery Friday.

Milton and Sadie Harper’s son and wife, Mit and Dea Harper, are coming Sunday for dinner.

Milton and Sadie had cardio appointments and everything went well for them. It’s about time for some good news for y’all, Sadie! Their daughter,

Sheila had a bladder scope and has to have additional surgery on her bladder on November 30. Prayers for this family.

Martha Box says no real news, she is still trying to be the do-everything-myself-superwoman.

“But l’m having a greater understanding of those who call on help!” Martha said,”I gave up on me and had Jeff Chambers wash the outside windows. And called on my beautiful granddaughter, Marnie, for the inside windows.”

Martha said they both did a great job. Sometimes we have to call on help at least I do, Martha.

Martha also shared that she is enjoying the fall colors, riding about our neighborhood thanking GOD for the beauty HE CREATED!

Martha is having Thanksgiving at her house FRIDAY at 4:30.

“Come on over friends, you know we will be Thankful!” she said.

Martha had to take her great grand, Addie, to Fast Pace to treat a cold and cough. She was pleased with the good service and care.

“They have seen a lot of Flu A , but Addie was okay!

Take your medicine sweet Addie and be on the mend in a hurry.

Happy belated birthday to Gay Mullen Saxton and  Billy and Chet Jones on the 16th; and to our bonus granddaughter, Bailey Donahue who celebrates the 17th.  Happy birthday to Ezra Walton on the 23rd. Howard Jackson, Marissa Leachman and Lawana Martin celebrate the 26th; and Tommy Griffis, Donna Garripoli, Eugene Bailey, Billy Chambers and Wayne Taylor all celebrate the 27th. I pray you all have a wonderful birthday!

I have my dressing made and frozen for Thanksgiving and will let our turkey smoke all day Wednesday. I’ll make a couple more things then I’m gonna leave the rest up to my daughter and granddaughters. No one will leave hungry for sure!

Gloria Marceleno has been busy driving her husband, Miguel, back and forth to Tupelo for physical therapy. Lynn says he is some better.

Thought for the day… My neighbor asked if he could use my lawnmower. I said sure, as long as you don’t take it out of my yard.

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