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A lifelong resident of Water Valley, Chuncy Benson published a book of poetry about experiences he has encountered in life.

WATER VALLEY – A local writer has published a book of poetry that shares experiences about life. Chuncy Benson explained the poems were written over many years, a venture that was first triggered when his eighth grade teacher at Water Valley High School, Beverly Frederick, directed her students to write 10 poems for a poetry book.

“I started writing poetry then and have been doing it ever since,” he added about the compilation for “Life, Love and Something Like It: Inspirational Poems, Bible Verses and Passages about Everyday Life.”

Each poem in the book is accompanied by a Bible verse and a short inspirational message.

“I believe God is in everything you do. Good or bad, He is right there with you,” the poet explained about the messages he shares in his book.
Benson added that studying God’s word has been an important part of his life, giving him comfort through challenges in life including a diagnosis over two decades ago when he found out he had diabetes.

“Before I was diabetic, I had asthma real bad until was 18,” he added. “The asthma went away and six months later I found out I was a diabetic. I was bad sick with diabetes and the doctor told me I would not live to see 30,” he explained. “I think I was 20 years-old when he told me.”

Now 43, he reports his diabetes is under control.

“I have one poem in there that is like Job. A man who lost everything he had and struggled to find his way back to God,” Benson adds. “I tell my family, that poem has a little bit of everybody in it.”

His poems also share about life experiences he has shared with his family.
“They stayed by my side through it all, my mother has been right there the whole way. I love my family, they mean everything to me,” he said.

Benson credits his sister, Yolonda Poole for helping him with editing. His sister also connected him with Dexter Ross, an English teacher at Water Valley High School, who assisted Benson. He also thanks his mother and father, Stella and Leodis Benson, for encouraging him to reach for the impossible and to never settle for less than deserved.

Benson’s goal with publishing the book is simple – to reach is many people as he can.

“Whatever you are going through, God is going to be there with you,” he said.

“Life, Love and Something Like It” is available for purchase on Amazon for $10.

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