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Travel Remains Treacherous

Sheriff Jerimaine Gooch warned motorists to stay off the roads if possible. Travel was treacherous Thursday as vehicles slid off the roads, and Friday morning the roads were even slicker.

WATER VALLEY – The advice from Sheriff Jerimaine Gooch, EMA Director Stewart Spence and Water Valley Police Chief Jason Mangrum is the same – stay off the roads if at all possible. The road are slicker Thursday morning than previous days following the winter storm that dumped several inches of ice Sunday night and Monday, making travel treacherous.

Sheriff Jerimaine Gooch reminds citizens that response time for law enforcement, medical or fire emergencies may be lengthy until the ice thaws.

“There are a lot of places in the county where you can’t travel over 20 or 30 MPH,” Gooch explained. “We ask everybody to be patient with the first responders.”

Gooch also cautioned drivers that even when much of the ice has thawed, there will likely be patches of ice that are very dangerous.

“Black ice and ice patches can lead to fatal wrecks, simply because some motorists are driving faster thinking the ice is gone,” he explained.

The sheriff also said the call volume for deputies has been down during the frigid weather. Deputies responded to an overdose call Monday night and made an arrest for domestic violence at another location.

In the city, Water Valley Police Chief Jason Mangrum reported weather-related problems continue Thursday morning as motorists are not able to get up hills.

Extra officers have been on duty during the winter weather to help patrol, check on businesses and look for stranded motorists. The chief said officers are also helping in non-emergency situations when possible.

“If people are shut in and desperately need something, we will try to make arrangements if at all possible,” Mangrum told the Herald.

Mangrum also commended local business owners who have been able to open to serve customers.

“People in Water Valley work together and it makes a difference in events like we are experiencing,” he said.

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