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Rockette Organizes Black History Diversity Parade

Dear Editor,
I am, Terry Rockette, the organizer and creator of the black history diversity parade. Within this event, I wanted to display black history through my eyes and celebrate all races and gender who helped abolish slavery – black, whites, Jews, Irish and many other races. I submitted the request to the city for this event in July 2023 regarding this vision. The vision for this parade was prompted by Caucasian friends of mine, who asked was it okay for them to participate or attend our first 2023 Juneteenth community event. At that point, I realized others didn’t view the celebration of African American holidays, as they do the Fourth of July, President’s Day, and other holidays.

As many know, it was against the law for Africans and African Americans to read and write. Without the help of other races who knew how to read and write, slavery would not had ended during that time period.
Water Valley will be the first city in the state to host a BLACK HISTORY “ DIVERSITY” PARADE.

In the parade you will see individuals displaying the characters of Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, in addition to a few Yalobusha locals who made their marks.  We are asking individuals to drape their vehicles and themselves in colorful beads that represent the many different flags, representing ethical groups.

The parade is February 17 at 11:00 a.m. The parade route will start on Main Street at the baseball complex and end on Martin Street, within the block of Springhill Church. On Martin street there will be a dance performance, freedom song and a poet.

Terry Rockette

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