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No New Leads In 2018 Missing Person Case

Trinity Harvey was reported missing in August, 2018. She was living outside of Water Valley on County Road 124 at the time of her disappearance. There were never any strong leads in the case.

WATER VALLEY – There have been no new leads in a case of a woman reported missing from Yalobusha County in 2018. The missing person case attracted renewed scrutiny last week after it was posted on a Facebook page, MissingSippi: Mississippi Missing Persons asking for any information regarding the disappearance of Trinity Harvey. She was 27 years old when she was reported missing.

Yalobusha County Sheriff Jerimaine Gooch, who worked the case in 2018 when he was an investigator for the sheriff’s department, said there have been no new leads in the case.

“We didn’t have much information to go on from the beginning, the report she was missing came months after she was last seen,” Gooch recalled about the case. “We never had any evidence of foul play. There were a few tips about potential sightings of her, including a report from Tupelo and another in Grenada County, but nothing ever checked out,” the sheriff added.

Gooch said the property where she was living on County Road 124 was searched, along with adjacent property. Deputies also used a drone to search the area.

Harvey was first reported missing by her sister, Chamille Harvey, on August 24, 2018. Her sister was concerned after she had not heard from her in months.

Harvey moved to Yalobusha County in March, 2018, shortly before she disappeared after renting a house on County Road 124.

According to the Facebook post and stories in the Herald published in 2018, Harvey and her family are originally from Minnesota and Harvey moved to Greenwood years earlier. Her family last saw her in April, 2018, when she went to Minnesota to stay for a while because she was having trouble at home.

The last text Harvey sent her sister, Chamille Harvey, was on May 30. Chamille Harvey reported her missing sister to authorities in Greenwood, where she lived before moving to Water Valley.

Early in the investigation, authorities in Greenwood transferred the case to the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department as Harvey was last known to be living outside Water Valley. Authorities learned Harvey had last used her EBT card in April, 2018, and also found out she missed an important appointment in June, 2018.

Authorities believe she went missing in June or July, based on last contact with her, social media activity and missed bills. Harvey’s daughter was also reported missing at the same time, but she was later located safe. The daughter now lives with Harvey’s family.

Gooch urged anyone with information to contact the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department at (662) 473-2722.

“We know it is a longshot after almost six years, but we would like to make another plea to the public for information on this case,” Gooch told the Herald.

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  1. Chelsey hastings on February 28, 2024 at 7:52 pm

    Can yall pull back up Kristina Lynn Dixons (my aunt) cold case? It’s been 20 years and was never solved.

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