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Tillatoba News

Tillatoba News
By Patcie Deck

Your writer woke up early Monday morning, ate breakfast, took her meds, got her bath and then took a Covid test. The plan was for the test to be negative so I could keep my appointment with Dr. Strong to have my bandage changed from a surgery to install my pacemaker. Well, Mr. Covid says he’s not ready to leave yet so I had to reschedule. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so good to him.

Love and sympathy to the Bobby Dickey family from Waco, Texas. Originally from Charleston, Bobby leaves his daughter, Jacque Dickey (Adam) Chambers to mourn his death.

Get-well wishes to Eddie Simmons, who had hip surgery in Tupelo Monday morning. Eddie, you will feel like a new man when they finish getting all those parts replaced!

Mark the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Hartleys’ farm on your calender. The hunt is scheduled Saturday, March 2, at 10 a.m. and food and games will be provided. The farm is located at 1813 County Road 2. This event is always so much fun and the kids and grownups enjoy it so much.

I talked to Peggy Bailey by phone Monday morning and she said her kids are coming to visit her often and she has a wonderful lady that sits with her. When the weather warms up and I get over all my ailments, I’m gonna cut through the pasture and Peggy and I are gonna sit outside and visit! I will bring a can of sardines and some crackers and a can or two of pork and beans –we will be visiting in style!

Ginger and Phil Harrison had a great weekend with their boys, Jake and Josh. They really enjoyed the week-long break. Ginger enjoyed visiting with her momma this weekend and enjoyed lunch with Diane Hill on Sunday. Diane always makes a fabulous Sunday lunch! Josh did a great job singing and playing “Why me Lord” for the Sunday special music.

Bobby Joe McClanahan had surgery, they cleaned his heels to the bone to get rid of the rest of the dead tissue. Surgeon says now plastic surgery will begin to graft skin to cover the open wounds next few days. He was in quite a bit of pain but was feeling a little better Sunday night. We are praying for you, Bobby.

Martha Box says eating lunch with her daughter, Candy, may lead to putting on a bit of this weight. They sure do cook so good at the Corner. Martha took a few breaks at the lake and watched others fish while soaking up sunshine on those few sunny days. She also spent some time with Jake and Josh Harrison, her grandsons, who were on spring break last week.

Martha’s tinnitus is making her sleepy and she skipped church Sunday, but she worshiped and received the word at home. She ran into Bro. Scarborough at the Corner Store the other day and told him she missed seeing him last Sunday.

“Then I did not show up this Sunday. Well I’m in trouble now! Lol, I missed Josh singing Why Me Lord!,” Martha added.

Davin Rowland is now in a apartment learning how to get around in a wheel chair. This young man has come a long way from when he was first in the wreck. Please keep the prayers coming for Davin.

Covid needs to be eradicated, says Sadie Harper!

“I’ve had vertigo for a week and doctor gave me medicine and nausea prescriptions,” Sadie reported.

She missed church Sunday, but was much better Monday. I’m happy to hear you are feeling better, Sadie.
Don and Jackie Bowman had a scare when their maltese and little poodle went missing after Pat let them out one morning last week. The pups are home safe and sound! I’m sure the pups are happy to be back home with their masters.

Happy birthday to Amanda Ayers Gunn on the 21st; Curtis Taylor and Tristian Nail Taylor also celebrate on the 21st; Hayden Wooldridge on the 22nd; Daisy Walton Burlison on the 23rd; Janet Baker Buice on the 24th; Joyce Courtney on the 25th; Wanda Kerr on the 26th; and my sweet granddaughter, Frankie Holliday shares a birthday on the 27th with Pat Craig, Ginger Harrison and Greg Knowles. I pray you all have a wonderful day celebrating your birthday!





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