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What Your Vote Is Worth

By William Browning

Amy McMinn grossed $84,816 last year acting as Yalobusha County’s Chancery Clerk.

McMinn also made $11,611 serving as the county’s law librarian and inventory clerk in 2006, bringing the total to $96,427 – making McMinn the highest paid employee of Yalobusha County. Of that total amount, taxpayers paid $46,900. The remaining $49,527 comes through filing fees and other duties’ fees.

The office of Circuit Clerk was worth $91,190 last year, as Daryl Burney is the county’s second highest paid employee. Taxpayers paid $62,737 of that amount, with the remaining amount also being filing fees paid by attorneys.

These two amounts fluctuate from year-to-year, anywhere from 10 to 15 percent. Both the Circuit Clerk and Chancery Clerk pay the employer and employee portion of payroll taxes and state retirement for their fee income.
The county’s tax assessor earns $72,600 a-year.
The sheriff of Yalobusha County makes $56,400 a-year, while the Chief Deputy earns $36,600. Other deputies earn anywhere from $31,800 to $22,800, while dispatchers earn $18,000.
County supervisors make $33,700 a-year, as does the board attorney.
Full-time road employees in all five beats earn anywhere from $21,000 to $22,200 a-year.
The county coroner earns $6,600 a-year, plus $85 per call.
The Yalobusha County Civil Defense Coordinator earns $22,800 a-year.

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