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Yalobusha Escapee Quickly Recaptured

eWATER VALLEY – A prisoner ducked out of church services, climbed a fence topped with razor wire and escaped from the Yalobusha County Jail Sunday morning.

    Calvin Davis, 19, made the desperate attempt after scaling the fence, and hitting the other side running, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys. Church services, which are held each Sunday morning, are conducted outside in the exercise yard when the weather is appropriate, Humphreys said.

    “By the time a deputy ran out the front door of the sheriff’s department, Davis already made it up to Simmons Street,” the sheriff stated.

    Initially Davis was able to elude law enforcement authorities, but they captured him at 6:15 that afternoon. Ironically, Davis was captured almost at the exact same location where a deputy had last seen him almost seven hours later.

    “We kept enough pressure with manpower that he was unable to make it far,” Humphreys said. “We knew it was a matter of time before we had him back in custody.”

    Assisting deputies were the Water Valley Police Department, and officers with the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) and the Mississippi Bureau Of Investigation (MBI).

    Davis, who was a MDOC inmate, was already serving a 10-year sentence. He had been transported to Yalobusha County to stand trial for aggravated assault and armed robbery – charges that stemmed from a holdup at D & N Grocery earlier this year.

    “The District Attorney had offered Davis a plea-deal last Wednesday,” Humphreys said. In that deal, which Davis refused, he was offered a 40-year day-for-day sentence. The lengthy sentence stemmed from Davis’ status as a habitual offender if he is convicted of the Yalobusha charges.

    “It is sad that this 19 year-old is looking at living the remainder of his life behind bars,” Humphreys said. “He literally did not have a thing to lose in this escape attempt.”

    Shortly after he was captured Sunday night, deputies transported Davis to Parchman. He is set to stand trial on Sept. 4, at which time he will be transported back to Yalobusha County.

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