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Watermelon Pageant Winners

Watermelon Queen Jessica Smith

Petite Miss – Mary Braden Johnston (center) was selected as Petite Miss in the Watermelon Pageant. (From left) Alycia Jean Hughes was first alternate, India Woodard was second alternate, Johnson, Blair Harris was third alternate and Kylie Grace Bynum was fourth alternate.

Miss Preteen – Ann Katherine Burress was the winner of the Miss Preteen category in the April Watermelon Pageant sponsored by the Junior Auxiliary. (From left) Georgia Parrish Caine was first alternate, Chasity Poyner was second alternate, Burress, Briana Laura Thompson was third alternate and Erin Charlotte Howell was fourth alternate.

Little Miss – Asia Woodard was crowned Little Miss (center) in the Junior Auxiliary’s 28th annual Watermelon Pageant. (From left) Anna Mills Avant was first alternate, Molly Claire Carr was second alternate, Woodard, Katelin Byars was third alternate and Brooks Linley Hodge was fourth alternate.

Tiny Mister – Chase King (left) earned bragging rights as Tiny Mister in the five and six year-old category. Johnathon Norwood was first alternate.

Junior Miss – Cienna Rae Olmstead (center) was selected Junior Miss. All candidates in the pageant were judged on stage personality. Sarah Dianne Howell (left) was first alternate and Molly Van Winkle was second alternate.

Little Petite Miss – Hayden Bynum was selected Little Petite Miss in the Watermelon Pageant (right photo.) (From left) Aubrey “Brianna” Parrish was first alternate, Analeese Storm Peacock was second alternate, Bynum, and Bradyn Sarabeth Norwood was third alternate, and Madalyn Michelle Stevens was fourth alternate.

Miss Teenage – Jayla Anthony (center) was named Miss Teenage in the pageant. All candidates in the pageant had to be a resident of Yalobusha County. Jennifer Leann Rogers was first alternate and Hanna Wilson was second alternate.

Tiny Miss – In the Tiny Miss category, which was composed of five and six year-old girls, Macie Lauren Gordon was the winner. Julianna Marie Ingram (from left) was first alternate, “Maggie Kate” Kuchta was second alternate, Gordon, Anna Grace Kilpatrick was third alternate and Courtney Jean McCammon was fourth alternate.

Petite Mister – Kade Alexander Kuchta (center) was honored as Petite Mister in the Watermelon Pageant. Chancellor Allen Dewberry (left) was first alternate, and Aidan Ross was third alternate. (Not pictured, second alternate Adam Peyton Griffin.

Jessica Smith (center) was crowned Watermelon Queen at the Watermelon pageant held April 12. Amber Nicole Burney (left) was first alternate and Heather Nicole Suber (right) was second alternate. The pageant was hosted by the Water Valley Junior Auxilliary.

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Photos by Ricky Lowe

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