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Coffeeville Aldermen Approve Sunday Beer Sales In January Meeting

COFFEEVILLE – Aldermen voted 3-0 to allow beer sales on Sunday after 1 p.m. during their regular monthly meeting Jan. 6.

The amendment to the current beer ordinance came after Gerald Booker appeared before the board and made the request. According to the board minutes, Booker told the aldermen that the amendment would help to attract business to local stores instead of losing it to neighboring municipalities.

Alderman Michael Ayers motioned to allow beer sales on Sunday between 1 p.m. and midnight with a second from Alderman William Shelton. Aldermen Ayers, Shelton, and Joe Bourn voted for the motion with Alderman Johnny Roland abstaining.

 In other actions during the regular session:

• Aldermen heard from William Bugg who expressed concern over the handling of a break-in at his home. Bugg told the board that he did not believe that the Coffeeville Police Department handled the investigation or recovery of his personal property properly.

Police Chief Mark Martin and City Attorney Larry Maxey explained the due process of law to Bugg and that what he was asking police to do to recover his property was not legal.

• Board members voted not to proceed with incorporation of the 330 Super Stop. Initial cost estimates for the incorporation process were around $5000 to $6000.

• The board again voted to table any action on removal of the trees on Rayburn Street until a sufficient plan can be obtained. Removal of trees first surfaced at the November meeting and was discussed again in December.

• Aldermen discussed a list of public concerns including vehicles illegally parked and speeding on Center Street; rocks in need of rearrangement in the ditch behind Raymond Jefferson’s home; and when the town can apply for the Home Buyer Assistance Grant.

• The board voted to pay claims as presented.

Present at the January meeting were Mayor Mack Burns, Aldermen Michael Ayers, Joe Bourn, Johnny Roland, William Shelton, Town Clerk Patricia Moody, Police Chief Mark Martin, and City Attorney William L. Maxey.

The February meeting was held on Feb. 3 and will be reported later. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3 at City Hall.

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