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Farmers Market Saturday

Click here to view a video of the Farmer’s Market.


Though once again rain is in the forecast, we will still be meeting under the magnolia trees downtown from 8am – 11am.

Product predictions include:

-farm-fresh eggs
-Mississippi wild shrimp
-Delta Grind products
-baked goods
-seedling plants (tomatoes, peppers, herbs, sunflowers, and more!)
-onions, garlic, greens, and broccoli (these sell out quick)

Coffee will be available at 50 cents a cup, or you can become a Friend of the Farmers for $25 and receive a Water Valley Farmers Market poster, canvas tote bag, and free coffee for the rest of the season (until October 3rd!).

Also, if anyone is looking to donate a portable CD player, the Market would *love* one for the days no live musicians show up.

Hope to see you there.

Alexe van Beuren
Farmers’ Market Managerr

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