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Gooch Asks For Help To Clean Up Neighborhood

This property on the northeast corner of Martin and Thorton Streets is on the list presented to the Planning Commissioners.

Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Martin Street resident Emma Gooch has been working for ten years to get some properties in her neighborhood cleaned up.

Monday night she appeared before the Planning Commission continuing her quest to find someone willing to help.

Gooch showed Commissioners recent photographs that depict the condition of the properties. She explained that Woodrow Daniels had appeared before the Board of Aldermen in 2005 with a petition regarding one of the lots.

“That’s what it looks like today,” she said pointing to one of the photos. “No one did anything.”

Gooch also presented the Commission with a letter addressed to the Mayor and Board in which she lists the properties and owners. The letter explains that the properties are not in compliance with sections one, five, and six of the “junk ordinance.”

Planning Commission Chairman Billy Humphreys said that he had spoken to Mayor Larry Hart and was compiling a list of properties that need attention.

Commissioner Eddie Foster added that the letter and photographs would be relayed to the Mayor and Board for action.

“I’m in no rush,” Gooch said. “I’ve been working on this since 1998. I’m real patient about it.”

Along with Foster and Humphreys, Commissioner Lynn Morris was present at the meeting.

The Planning Commission meets on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the boardroom at City Hall. Persons wishing to appear before the group should contact the City Clerk Vivian Snider.

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