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Board Approves $100K To Purchase Buses

The bus graveyard at the District’s transportation shop.

Board Trustees discussed the pros and cons of used buses.

Hospital Administrator Terry Varner presented a contract to provide the services of a school nurse at the high school.

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – The School Board has approved up to $105,000 for the purchase of two used school buses to supplement the Dis-trict’s immediate transportation needs.

There has been a shortage of buses in recent weeks with as many as four buses from the District’s fleet out of service at one time.

District Transpor-tation Director Mario Weekley made a presentation about available used buses to the Board at their meeting Mar. 7. “I just need a couple of buses to tie me over,” Weekley said.

During the discussion, some Trustees expressed concern over the Mercedes engines in all of the available used buses. “Is there anybody anywhere around here that can work on one?” asked Pierce Epes.

Board President Lamar Burgess asked Weekley for his opinion of the Mercedes powered buses.

Weekley responded that he had never had a bus with a Mercedes engine in his fleet. Others who had told him they weren’t a problem. And, he said, there was a class on the Mercedes engine available to his mechanics.

After several more minutes of discussion about age and mileage of used buses, trustees acknowledged the need for immediate action and voted unanimously to approve the funds.

While on the subject of buses, the board held a brief discussion on the 34 surplus vehicles stored in the “grave yard” at the bus shop that the district had put up for bid. District Business Manager Randy Goodwin told the Herald later in the week that the 32 school buses, one truck and one tractor brought a total of $14,900.

Weekley emphasized that the successful bidders could not do anything to the vehicles on school property. “Just hook it up and pull it off the yard.”

Among other actions at the first of the month meeting, the Board of Trustees:

• Gave permission for a check to be written to pay for football equipment purchased at auction by Coach Brad Embry. “It’s a little bit of trouble,” the coach said. “But, we’re getting about $3000 worth of equipment for about $580. I think it’s a good deal.”

• Authorized architect William Mills to put together bid packages on the various renovation projects at the high school including roof work, ceilings, lighting, insulation, etc.

• Approved the 2011-2012 school year calendar. The board approved version “B” of the calendar after learning that the faculty and staff favored it – 77 to 43.

• Approved the amended 2010-2011 calendar with additional days to make-up for those lost due to winter weather. The new version has the last day of school scheduled for May 31.

• Heard a short superintendent’s report from Dr. Moran, who told the board that the state Senate had not addressed the K-12 education bill. Moran also congratulated Roy Vance on being selected as the WVSD Parent of the Year nominee.

• Received for consideration a school nurse program contract from Yalobusha General Hospital Administrator Terry Varner.

Varner told the board that the contract was put together based on similar arrangements at other school districts that have implemented a school nurse program. “We tried to put something together that would establish the duties and obligations of each party.”

Varner gave the trustees a brief overview of the contract including the consent form that will be sent home for parents to sign. On the first page of the form is a medical history of the child, Varner explained. The second page gives consent to treat for certain conditions and includes insurance information and emergency contacts.

Varner said that the staff had visited the school nurse program in the Madison school district to see how they go about their daily routine. “There’re going to be some kinks to work out.”

The site selected for the nurse’s office will be in the junior high building across from the principal.

Varner will return on Mar. 28 when the Board will vote on the proposed contract.

• Entered executive session after meeting in open session for one hour and 23 minutes.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Mar. 28.

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