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Storms Down Trees Across The County

The last of the historic oak trees in City Park was damaged when a portion broke off during the early morning hours last Thursday. The tree was already damaged and the storms may have weakened it further. Mayor Larry Hart said that the tree should survive, but might require trimming after Watermelon Carnival. Here Mike Scroggins and his Street Department crew clean up the fallen limbs.

By David Howell

A strong storm that tracked across Yalobusha County last Wednesday night kept Yalobusha emergency officials busy with downed trees.

    Yalobusha EMA Director Frank Hyde reported that last Wednesday’s damage was probably the most extensive sustained in the county this spring from storms.

    Hyde reported first responders were scattered around the county as storm spotters, bracing for the worst. Thankfully there was minimal property damage and no injuries, but county workers spent half the night and the next day clearing the downed trees.

    District Five Supervisor Frank “Bubba” Tillman also reported numerous trees down on Hwy. 330, east of Coffeeville, near Gums Crossing.

    “All of my guys were out cutting trees off the roads most of the night Wednes-day,” Tillman said.

    Tillman said he monitored Tallahatchie County radio traffic as the storms tracked eastward into Yalobusha.

    “I called the dispatcher and told her the wind was blowing at least 60 miles per hour,” Tillman said as one of two strong storm cells entered the county.

    “They were back-to-back storm cells about 20 minutes a part,” Tillman said.

    The first storm went north from Tillatoba, toward Lafayette County while the second storm tracked more southeast along the north edge of Grenada Lake and across Yalobusha County.

    This was the storm that caused much of the damage around Gums Crossing, Tillman told the Herald.

    “I would really like to thank to the sheriff’s department, the volunteer fire departments and everybody for coming out and clearing the debris out of county roads,” Tillman added.

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