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Three Indicted In Separate Homicides

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – A grand jury indicted Jermaine Crump in the Nov. 2 shooting of his sister-in-law. Crump was indicted for murder by deliberate design in the First District (Coffeeville), one of 19 counts handed down during the Feb. 14 session.
    Authorities allege that Jermaine Crump shot Crystal Redmon Crump six times with a 9 mm pistol.
    Other indictments handed down in the First District include: six counts of burglary of a dwelling, four counts of taking away a motor vehicle, three counts of burglary of an automobile, three counts of grand larceny, one count of burglary of a building other than a dwelling, one count of felony D.U.I. and one count of intimidating a Witness.
    In the Second District (Water Valley) Spencer Tyrone Morgan and James Johnson, Jr. were indicted for murder by deliberate design. They are accused in the New Year’s Eve shooting death of Latonya Carr, who was shot multiple times in the head while driving down Fly Street.
    The counts were among 33 indictments handed down in the Second District, also on Feb. 14. The indictments include six counts of grand larceny, three counts of aggravated domestic violence, three counts of kidnapping, two counts of burglary of a building, two counts of felony shoplifting, two counts of felony DUI, two counts of strong arm robbery, two counts of possession of marijuana, a count of uttering forgery, one count of possession of cocaine, one count of aggravated child abuse and a count of simple assault on a law officer.
     The indictments remain sealed until served by law enforcement officers.
    The mid-February session marks the last for the members of the two grand juries.
    “They have served  two years and that is the maximum,” Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney told supervisors during the “first Monday” meeting March 4. Typically the grand jury meets three times per year in both court districts.
    Burney’s comments came as he requested $8,000 to be transferred to the jury fund for expenses in 2013.
    Burney told the Herald that 225 jurors will be subpoenaed in the First District later this month. Both a 20-member grand jury and petit jury will be selected from the pool. The same procedure will follow in the Second District during the May Circuit Court session.

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