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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Decorations for Woodland Hills Baptist Church’s Duck Dynasty Sunday School High Attendance Day, held October 27, included wooden ducks, which were borrowed. The ducks have lots of sentimental value to the owner and it is requested that the person, or persons, who took them away, please return them to where they were found —no questions asked.
    If your spouse, father, or grandfather, who had owned these ducks were dead and they were taken, would you not  want them back? Please return them.
  Watched with interest the 50th anniversary service of the assassination of President John Kennedy. Was surprised that most of the commentators did not try to white wash him. They knew, and acknowledged, his faults, while majoring on the good he had done for the country.
    Also, it seems that there is still no absolute conclusion as to the person, or persons, responsible for his death. Even after all the reports I heard  up to, on, and after the 22nd, I still think it was a conspiracy.
  I’m getting addicted to Girl Scout Hot Cajun Crunch. One of mom’s sitters, Ruby Milam, is a Girl Scout leader and keeps some of the products the Girl Scouts sell all year round.We were discussing the upcoming cookie sale, which is held in February.  Told her I wanted several boxes of thin mints. Then she starts telling me about products that I didn’t know about, including the Hot Cajun Crunch and Chocolate Covered Peanuts, also very delicious.
    I said, “O.K. when these are available bring me some.” She answered, “I have them in the car now.”     So out she went and brought in two cans each for me. Crunch is $5 a can and peanuts are $6 each. I have to eat the peanuts in small amounts—they have sugar—but the crunch only has calories and I’m sure cholesterol. I’ve just had a helping of it for lunch—didn’t want to go out in the cold wind and rain.
  With this, I will survive until supper time around five, when I’ll enjoy some more of my vegetable beef soup and cornbread. Made a big pot of soup Sunday– out of leftovers. Corn-bread, of course, was from scratch. When Jimmie arrived I told her it was the best cornbread I’d ever made. Her answer was, “It’s because you’ve not had any for four weeks.”
    Jimmie did sample it and she thought it was pretty good, also.
  We began cleaning up Mom’s home Sunday afternoon. Shower is finished and the sheet rock work is completed, so we washed the furniture, baseboards, window sills, ect. and vacuumed the floors and furniture in a couple of rooms. Have several more rooms to go. We also moved lots of furniture out of Mom’s room to make it more navagitable with her walker.
  I also found the dining table. Plan to use it Thurs-day, even if I have to eat by myself. Not going to miss another Thanksgiving dinner.
  Have already missed one in my lifetime and declared then that it would be the last.
  Jimmie and Bill were married on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks to my father-in-law, the late Edward B. Shearer, we did have a hamburger and fries. I was appreciative of this meal, but did miss my turkey and dressing, with all the trimmings and desserts.
  Jimmy and Bill’s anniversary is November 24, and we were so busy Sunday that we all completely forgot it. However, Bill says his anniversary is Thanksgiving Day, so guess we’ll have to celebrate then.
  I had a wonderful house guest over the weekend that I didn’t get to enjoy. Sister-in-law Faye Shearer of Pascagoula came up to visit with a great-nephew and family and his son, who is a student at Ole Miss. She was at my house, but I had to sit with Mom. Faye reported a great time with her family and I’m so glad.
  She brought me some lemons off her tree and they look delicious. Can’t wait to make a pie and maybe some lemonade. She also brought a jar of palm jelly and it is so pretty. Never heard of this fruit before, but it looks delicious.
  I’ve extended an invitation to come again. Faye and I always have a great time when we get together.
  She got to eat at B.T.C. and visit with Shelly (Mrs. Jordan) White and others while there. Jordan was minister of youth at the church Faye attends before he came back to the Valley to work with his father, Tommy.
  Monday morning we had a delightful guest in the office. He was Nick Brown, who lives in Fort Collings, Colorado. Nick is a great nephew of the late Fred Kendrick. Last year he was the author in residence at Ole Miss under the John Grisham Program. Presently he is writing an article on Water Valley. Nick is a native of North Carolina and said  his mother was so excited when he was offered the program at Ole Miss. He said he was also excited, even though he’d never been in our area. He said he thought our Valley must be some kind of paradise, though, from all he’d heard about it from his grandmother and mother. I’m glad to report that he did not seem disappointed in our little town. I was able to share several stories about Mr. Fred and Jim and his great aunt, Miss Robena Quinn, and Jim. Mr. Kendrick was president of the Bank of Water Valley and Miss Quinn worked at the Coke Plant. They both loved our son and were so good to him. Mr. Kendrick and Miss Quinn were also very kind to Ed and me—they were dear friends. We also enjoyed a friendship with the Kendrick’s daughters and Mrs. Kendrick.
  Was strange not to get a football report Sunday morning. The stadium looks so dark each day when I go home—no more practicing or games for awhile.
    Now basketball is in high gear.
  You’ll find a story about the change of venue for Compassion Ministries Community  Thanksgiving Service on the front  page.
  Didn’t know about the death of Rev. and Mrs. Harold Spraberry’s son until I arrived at church Sunday morning. Was so sorry to hear this and extend my deepest sympathy to them.
  The Thanksgiving Service was scheduled to be held in First Presbyterian Church, but due to the tragedy, it has been changed to Springdale Family Worship Center, located on Highway 7, north of Water Valley. The time will be 7 p.m., the speaker will be Rev. Allen McGraw, pastor of First United Methodist Church, and the music will be under the direction of Rev. Roger Howell, pastor of Adonai Church. Everyone is invited to attend.
  Do hope everyone has a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Day, with plenty of food in the company of family and friends.

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