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Look Back In Yalobusha History

Maggitt Charged With ’84 Oakland Bank Robbery

Through The Years From The Herald

• 5 years ago, Sept. 3, 2009 – Yalobusha County had the sixth highest unemployment in the state for the past July at 17.4 percent. The average for the past five years had been 9.5 percent.
The Arts Council was presenting the city’s first studio crawl on Sept. 18.
The Blue Devils came up short in their season opener, the Railroad Classic, against the Coffeeville Pirates, losing 34 to 25.
Police searched for a vehicle with paint missing and a driver with pants missing after a female drove into the lumberyard at Valley Lumber on North Main Street wearing only a bra and panties. She was rounded up later at the Farmers Market by Officer Jamie Caldwell. No charges were filed.
• 10 years ago, Sept. 2, 2004 – The Blue Devils dominated their Itawamba AHS opponents, 43-13, during the first game of the season. Among the featured photos were senior wingback Brandon Hawkins who claimed 93 yards. Also in that photo was Shannon Crow who chalked up another 75 yards. Wingback Geraldo Roberson was shown cutting ahead of an Itawamba defender followed closely by Pierre Allen, who led the Devils offense with 141 yards.
George Crocker and Yalobusha’s first responders were recognized in a commentary column by John Howell.
Dark winged fungus gnats were swarming around the county, according to Steve Cummings, MSU Extension Service County Director.
Army Specialist Cassandra Daniels, daughter of Eugene and Sandra Daniels, was mobilized for Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 155th Separate Armored Brigade.
• 20 years ago, Sept. 1, 1994 – The Blue Devils defeated Grenada, 20-18, in their season opener.
Jennifer Sartain was named Miss Yalobusha County Farm Bureau.
The WVHS Junior High Cheerleaders attended camp at Ole Miss over the summer where they earned “Excellent” and “Superior” ratings, two trophies, four spirit sticks, and third place in the Junior High Sideline Camp Championship. They had been practicing about 100 hours in preparation for the WVJH games. The members were (front, from left) Natalie Flippin, Co-Captain Jill Hyde, Co-Captain Leigh Ann Black, Co-Captain Amanda Langdon, Julie Jones, (back) Ashley Aldy, Tanya Odom, Cortney Parsons, Kellie Burns, Bethany Caulfield, Allison Willingham and Scarlett Hart.
• 30 years ago, Sept. 6, 1984 – Willie B. Maggitt, 25, was charged with armed robbery in a $13,000 hold up at the Bank of North Mississippi in Oakland. Maggitt entered the bank about 11:05 on Aug. 30, fired one shot into the ceiling and told the Cashier to “fill up the bag.” A joint investigation by Yalobusha, Panola, Tallahatchie and Grenada County Sheriffs Departments, the Highway Patrol and the FBI led to Maggitt’s arrest in Grenada.
The WVHS 1984 Cheerleaders were Jackie Taliaferro, Mary Ruth Lewis, Linda Carr, Pam Eubanks, Cindy Fernandez, Sandra Benson, Amy Fernandez, Missy Walton and Sandy Loper.
Coaching the Blue Devils were Head Coach Jerry Holt and Coach Gary Drewrey.
• 40 years ago, Sept. 5, 1974 – The First Baptist Church honored Mrs. C. C. Stacy for her 50 years of service as church organist. The 1974 Blue Devils were about to start their season under Head Coach Jerry Harmon, who was taking over for Bobby Clark. First on their schedule was a non-loop game with Holly Springs.
The WVHS Band Rifle Squad was pictured on the front page: Rifle Captain Sherry Swearengen, Paula Mills, Paige Jones, Sherry Smith, Tricia Campbell, Karen McMillan, Dixie Martin and Harriet Fair.
Army Private Carey Sartain completed basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Class officers at Yalobusha Academy for the new year were: (seniors) President Lee Moore, Vice-president Paul Stegall, Secretary Gay Burns and Treasurer Bonnie Helm, (juniors) President Eva Sides, Vice-president Steve Appleton, Treasurer Mike Coleman and Secretary Carol Cook, (sophomores) President Kathy Williams, Vice-president Sherry York, Secretary Lisa Brower, Treasurer Darrell Crawford, (freshman) President Pamela Berry, Vice-president Scott Williams, Treasurer Robert Fielder, and Secretary Joyce Schmitz.
• 50 years ago, Sept. 10, 1964 – The Blue Devils defeated Hernando, 41-0, in the season opener. That score was a record for WV against the Hernando team.
Dr. Frances Bolen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bolen of Water Valley, was named an associate dean at Mississippi State College For Women.
Local Girl Scout leaders were pictured on the front page preparing for training. They were Mrs. Rayford Edgar, new Brownie leader; Mrs. Harry Fair, neighborhood chairman; Mrs. Jimmie Knight, junior troop leader; and Mrs. Curtis Berry, Junior Auxiliary representative.
Local Goldwater supporters were hosting a spaghetti supper to help elect the Arizona senator President of the U.S. It doesn’t get more grass roots than a spaghetti supper. Johnson’s people were hosting $10,000 a plate fund-raisers for the limousine elite. Turns out Lyndon Johnson was less than popular in Water Valley.
• 60 years ago, Sept. 2, 1954 – Dr. M. S. McMillan opened his office for the practice of medicine. Dr. McMillan, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. McMillan, was a graduate of Water Valley High School and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Harvard Medical School.
A Lafayette County man, Chester Baggett, 32, of the Yocona community, was in Water Valley jail, charged with larceny. He entered Cooper’s Jewelry Store as J. A. Cooper, owner, was waiting on a customer. Baggett took an alarm clock, a watch band and a pocket watch while Cooper was distracted and left the store. Marshal Forest Barber and Sheriff Loyd Farmer noticed the man showing off the stolen items and arrested him. The officers stated that Baggett was intoxicated when they arrested him.
Young Master Andy Jones was honored with a party for his third birthday by his parents Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Jones. The cake was a train complete with engine, boxcars and caboose with gumdrop wheels, peppermint stick smokestack and pink and white popcorn cinders.
• 70 years ago, Aug. 31, 1944 – The first bale of cotton for the 1944 season was ginned in Water Valley at B&B Gin. The bale, brought in by Charley Langford, was grown by Fons Rockett on Dr. S. L. Cox’s place. It weighed 508 pounds.
James J. Craig was named Postmaster of Tillatoba, a nomination of President Roosevelt.
The list of wounded was getting longer as Allied troops fought their way through Europe. Among the names were Pvt. Dewel G. Brasher, Sgt. James R. Snell and Pvt. Robert Gordon. Pvt. Doyce Dalton, who had been listed as slightly wounded, died of his injuries.
The Crumby twins, Hollis and Wallace, returned to the USA from England in only five days which included time spent in New York and at Camp Shelby. The pair were both Staff Sergeants and received the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross.
• 80 years ago, Sept. 7, 1934 – W. S. “Shine” Tyson was elected to head the Water Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce. B. N. “Buck” Suratt was elected vice-president and Kermit Cofer, secretary.
The Coleman-Sachs orchestra was making a stop in Water Valley enroute to Birmingham from the west coast. The nationally known group and their leader were regulars on radio and normally played in large venues. Water Valley had become known to some of the nation’s leading dance bands because of the Watermelon Carnival.

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