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Truck Driver Celebrates 5 Million Miles of Safe Driving

Water Valley native Joe Brown was honored for driving five million miles without an accident. His picture and truck (above) were featured in his company’s newsletter. His trailer also prominently displays his accomplishment.

Joe Brown of Memphis, formerly of Water Valley, was recently honored for driving five million plus miles accident free for YRC Freight. He is married to Bernice (Tappy) Brown and has five children, Ruby McGee, Terry and Jerry Brown, Tammy Brown, and Marsha Stanford, 12 grandchildren, and one special nephew he is raising as a grandchild, and two great-grandchildren.

He was honored in his company’s October newsletter for the accomplishment and it is shared below:

– When you consider he’s been driving for YRC Freight for nearly 40 years, the number of motorists Joe Brown has shared the roadway with must total well into the millions. Countless families, mothers, fathers, children and valuable loads have crossed paths with Brown, and every one of them has remained safe.

As he celebrates surpassing five million miles of accident free driving, Brown attributes the safety streak to a simple lesson taught by his grandfather. “He always told me to keep my mind on what I’m doing, and to watch out for other people,” Brown said. “Raising five kids wasn’t easy, while being on the road, because I missed being home with them. but it allowed me to pay the bills, so it was good.”

Brown is focused on his family. He says watching them grow up has been the highlight of his career.

If the idea of a five million miler at Memphis sounds like deja vu, that’s because Joe Brown’s longtime terminal-mate Arthur Cage crossed six million miles in 2015. On October 5, Cage joined the company leadership and several local officials at an event celebrating Brown’s achievements.

“He worked hard for it. I was happy to see that,” stated Cage.

YRC Freight donated a child safety seat for every 100,000 safe miles driven by Brown, a total of 50 seats, to the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. The seats will be donated to families in need.

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