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Police Record Light Activity

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – Police Chief Mike King reported the last two weeks have been extremely quiet for his department, with officers only responding to minor incidents. One felony case was reported since Nov. 21, an attempted burglary of the South Main Street storage buildings on South Main Street on Dec. 3. There were no reported missing items in the storage units, according to the police report. Several locks were reported missing or damaged from the storage unit doors.

Other law enforcement activity includes:

• Issued a warning to a juvenile for being out past curfew on Dec. 2. The incident occurred when officer Wade Beard was checking buildings behind Cornerstone Gym and investigated a light on in a shop between the gym and Dupuy Street. During the investigation, the juvenile pulled up with an adult. She was released to her mom.

• Investigated the theft of electricity at 85 Lafayette Street following notification from Water Valley Electric Department. An affidavit was signed against Jonathan Tribble for theft of utilities in the incident that was reported on Nov. 28

• Took Tabitha Lynn Smith into custody on Dec. 1 for a contempt of court warrant issued by the Grenada Police Department. Smith was detained after officers received a call that she entered the Water Valley courthouse after fleeing from a white male in the parking lot. When Lt. A.J. Hernandez arrived on the scene, the male explained he was Smith’s father and she took his phone without permission when she went to the courthouse for a court appearance. 

Hernandez learned of the contempt of court warrant after contacting neighboring law enforcement agencies. Grenada officers picked her up following her court appearance.

• Responded to a possible overdose on Nov. 27 after a juvenile stated she took an entire bottle of Triple C, a cold medicine. The juvenile was transported to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford for treatment.

The report also indicated a second female told authorities she had taken the same amount of pills and was not feeling any effect from the medicine. The officer advised her that she may need to seek medical treatment.

• Responded to a malicious mischief report on Nov. 21;

• Investigated a natural death on Nov. 21 at 409 Duncan Street.

• Took a report of shoplifting, first offense, at 1006 Central Street on Nov. 21;

• Made an arrest for disturbing the peace, public drunk and resisting arrest at 305 Suggs Street on Nov. 24;

• Took a report of malicious mischief on Nov. 27 at 502 Blackmur Drive;

• Took a report of a family disturbance at 1320 Boyd Street on Nov. 27;

• Investigated a gas theft on Nov. 27 at 335 South Main Street;

• Took a report of a family disturbance at 100 Suratt Circle on Nov. 26;

• Worked an accident at the bypass intersection on Nov. 29;

• Responded to a family disturbance at 303 Haynes Street on Nov. 30;

• Worked an accident in the parking lot at 600 Main Street on Dec. 1;

• Investigated a petty larceny case on Dec. 1 at Charley Harris apartments; and 

• Investigated a two-car accident on Blackmur Drive on Dec. 4. One driver was cited for driving with a suspended driver’s license, failure to yield and no proof of insurance. 

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