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Petition Filed For Cleanup

Neighbors have filed a petition requesting the county clean up this property, located at 33 Pat Drive in the Water Valley Boat Landing Community.

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – Supervisors received another petition from citizens requesting the county take action to clean up private property. The property is located at 33 Pat Drive in the Water Valley Boat Landing community and is owned by Wade Stewart. The petition was signed by five people who live in the vicinity of the property.

This marks the third petition supervisors have received during the last month after Board Attorney John Crow explained back in March that the county could take action to clean up private property in certain cases.

Citing Section 19-5-105 of Mississippi Code, Crow explained that supervisors could act upon a petition from the public or on their own accord to clean up property by cutting weeds, filling cisterns, removing rubbish or dilapidated fences. As part of the procedure, Crow explained the property owner must be notified and evidence must be weighed in a hearing before supervisors take action. A hearing was scheduled on June 5 to hear evidence on the matter.

Last month supervisors received a pair of petitions requesting cleanup on properties straddling the entrance of Pine Ridge Circle in the Water Valley Boat Landing. The hearing on the petitions is set for May 1 during the supervisor meeting scheduled in Coffeeville.

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