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Voting Irregularity Accusation From PILF Is Not Accurate

By David Howell


A press release from the Indiana-based Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) last month claiming that Yalobusha is one of 248 counties in the country with more registered voters than adult residents is not true according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney reported that he received a letter placing the county on notice for the alleged problem. The letters mailed to counties in 24 states including 19 in Mississippi note that it appears the counties are violating the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) because they are not properly maintaining the voters roles.  The notices also seek a variety of documents to clearly discern which jurisdictions are failing to perform basic voter list maintenance duties.

However in a letter dated Sept. 28 from Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s office addressed to the circuit clerk, the allegation of inflated voters roll in Yalobusha County alleged by PILF is not supported by facts and is therefore erroneous.

“According to the United States Census Bureau the 2016 estimated voting age population of Yalobusha County is 9,605,” wrote Kimberly Turner, Assistant Secretary of State, Elections Division. “As of Sept. 1, 8,877 residents of Yalobusha County were active voters; and as of Sept. 25, 8,865 residents of Yalobusha County were active registered voters… By comparing the numbers of active registered voters to the estimated voting age population, Yalobusha County’s voter roll is not inflated as the number of active registered voters does not exceed the estimated voting age population of the county. As of Sept. 1, 92.42 percent of Yalobusha County’s voting age population were active registered voters; and, as of Sept. 25, 92.30 percent of Yalobusha County’s voting age population were active registered voters.

Burney told the Herald that he has reached out to PILF to correct the error.

“They plan to visit the county and look at our information.” Burney added. “Our county’s election commissioners as well as the circuit clerk’s office strive to have accurate voter lists and we look forward to correcting this misunderstanding.”

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