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Aging Pole Is Culprit In Outages

Crews from the Water Valley Electric Department and Tallahatchie Valley Electric Department worked for almost three hours to replace a pole near Water Valley Poultry on Friday morning. The pole problem was the culprit in an outage Thursday morning and again Friday morning.

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – A rotten utility pole was the culprit in a 38-minute outage last Thursday morning and a 31-minute outage Friday morning. Water Valley Electric Department Manager Andy Hall reported that his crew initially repaired the pole Thursday but when problems persisted Friday morning the pole had to be replaced. 

Hall said the repair took almost three hours and his six-man crew was assisted by workers with Tallahat-chie Valley Electric Power Association (TVEPA) on Friday during the replacement.

“The first day I realized it would be quicker to fix it than to isolate the plant,” Hall explained, referring to the work on the pole Thursday near Water Valley Poultry as power was cut to an estimated 80 percent of the town during the repair. But when problems persisted the following morning, Hall said power was cut to the plant for several hours during the repair. 

“We had power back up for the town after about 30 minutes and the crews worked several more hours to replace the pole,” Hall explained. “I appreciate the assistance from Scoot Taylor and the guys from TVEPA.”

Hall also explained that outages in Water Valley are commonly caused by weather-related problems or animals getting in the lines as well as from aging equipment.

“I would put equipment being the least of those problems,” Hall said about typical outages to which his crew responds. But equipment problems such as the rotten utility pole blamed in the most recent outage are an issue.

“One of the challenges the electric department faces is an aging infrastructure,” Hall explained. “We need to look at our options, as far as updating some of our stuff and the cost and manpower needed,” he explained. 


Hall said his crew includes Brandon Richard-son, Michael Richardson, Robert Walker, Josh Harris and Taylor “Spud” Brown. 

“They are a hard-working crew and do a great job,” Hall also said, noting that Harris and Brown had recently returned from their first lineman school. 

Hall also said there were no outages reported when the strong storm came through Friday night.

“I laid awake Friday night worrying about it,” Hall told the Herald. “We weathered a strong storm.”

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