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Forum Provides Opportunity For Voters To Hear From Candidates

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – The special election for mayor in Water Valley less than three weeks away and the Water Valley Business Alliance (WVBA) is sponsoring a Mayoral Candidates Forum Thursday night. Candidates Donald Gray, Mickey Howley, Terry Rockette and Herbert Rogers have been invited to the forum, which will be held in the Mechanics Bank Community Room on Main Street from 6 to 8 p.m. 

The date of the non-partisan special election is Dec. 19 and the qualifying deadline is 5 p.m. Wednesday (Nov. 29). At presstime Tuesday, Rogers and Gray had qualified according to City Hall. Howley and Rockette have confirmed  they are also running for the position. All four men have been provided a list of the questions that will be presented during the forum. 

The questions include:

1. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Water Valley, and what do you intend to do about it? 

2. Describe your plan for maintaining and upgrading the City’s physical infrastructure: water, sewage, electric, roads, sidewalks, signage, etc.

3. If you have a plan for bringing more business to Water Valley and increasing the City’s revenues, explain how you will accomplish that—If current revenue sources are not adequate to bring personnel staffing levels to an adequate level, and to make required infrastructure improvements, will you support a tax increase? 

4. County supervisors and the school board have primary control over the Water Valley School District. However, our children are our future. What initiatives would you, as Mayor, undertake to enhance the educational experience for the students and to assist the teachers and staff?


5. Why should the voters elect you Mayor of Water Valley on December 19th?

Each candidate will have five minutes to respond to each question and Casey Clevenger will be the moderator for the forum.

“Personal attacks on other candidates are not permitted, although you are free to contrast your position with those of other candidates,” WVBA spokesman Cliff Lawson explained in an email sent to the candidates.  Lawson also said if there is time remaining after the questions, the audience will be encouraged to ask questions. 

Election Information

• In order to qualify candidates must obtain 50 signatures from registered voters inside the city limits and submit the petition to city hall by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

• If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the top two candidates will advance to a runoff on Jan. 9.

• Voters will use the same voting precincts as in the previous election – Ward 1 – city electric department, Ward 2 – Water Valley courthouse, Ward 3 – National Guard Armory, and Ward 4 – City Auditorium.

• Aldermen authorized the use of the county’s voting machines in the special election, which will eliminate hand counting the ballots. 

• Municipal Election Commissioners in charge of the election include Bonnie Cox, John L. Hairston and Jerry Hill.

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