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I-55 Wreck Eludes Responders After Flipped Car Keeps Going

By David Howell


OAKLAND – A search for a vehicle accident on I-55 Monday morning turned up empty-handed unless you count a couple of mirrors and other debris left behind after the motorist apparently kept going after the vehicle flipped and landed on its wheels.

First responders were initially stumped after a passerby reported a vehicle left the road on the south bound side of the interstate near the Oakland exit and flipped. Yalobusha EMA Director Frank Hyde reported that deputy Jim Bailey, a trooper, EMA Deputy Director Herbie Rogers and an ambulance crew responded to the call but were unable to locate the wreck.

The motorist who reported the accident did not stop but returned later and directed the crew to the location. 

“We found some mirrors and stuff that broke off the vehicle, apparently he landed on all fours and drove off, you can see where he drove up the bank,” Hyde surmised about the unusual call. 

“The only thing that the highway patrol thought was a little odd was that only one person reported the accident,” Hyde added, explaining that typically there will be several callers report a daytime accident on the interstate.

Hyde also reported first responders responded to an ATV accident on Corps of Engineers property Sunday morning near Oakland.

Hyde said a hunter was going up a steep hill when his four-wheeler flipped and pinned him underneath. The hunter was several miles from the nearest road and by himself when the incident occurred.

“He was pinned about 20 minutes before he was finally about to get the four-wheeler off of him and call for help,” Hyde explained. “Thankfully he had cell service.”

The hunter called Rich Ross, who is a member of the Oakland Fire Department. Hyde said Ross was familiar with the area and helped first responders locate the hunter. The group transported the injured man on a stretcher strapped to a trailer that was pulled behind a UTV to the awaiting ambulance. 

“He was alert, but was scared. Our first concern was that he may have sustained internal injuries but I think he was going to be okay,” Hyde said about the incident. The hunter was transported to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford for treatment.

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