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Weekly Dose Of Betty ‘Leaves Us Satisfied’

By Erica Walden

Even before relocating to Water Valley, we were hooked on Betty’s Week. We would read her column aloud in its entirety and would delight in her effortless humor, weekly happenings and lizard antics. Upon arrival, we discovered everyone we met felt the same. The Herald and Betty are unique gems.


Mickey Howley once remarked, “There are two kinds of people in Water Valley, those that read ‘Betty’s Week’ first, and those who do not.” 

We have yet to meet any of the latter. Betty’s column is a weekly symbol of all the things we value and revere about our little town.  However, her modesty keeps her from seeing how beloved she is in our community. We have known for years how lucky we are to have the Herald and Betty still here and devoted to Water Valley. 

We just wanted to do a little something to show our appreciation for her. Betty, next time you have a lizard on the loose in your house, remember, you have a whole town ready to come over and chase it down because our weekly serving of Betty leaves us satisfied. 

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