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City’s Fire Rating Improves

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – Effective May 9, the Mississippi State Rating Bureau has lowered the classification for the City of Water Valley from Seventh Class to Sixth Class, which will save some homeowners and businesses money on insurance. The change comes after a recent survey and grading of the City of Water Valley’s fire prevention and fire protection facilities.

“We are pleased to advise that the fire defenses of the City of Water Valley have advanced, and an improved fire insurance classification of Sixth Class has been confirmed,” the Rating bureau wrote in a letter to Mayor Donald Gray. 

The public protection classification applies to eligible properties in the city, which include properties having a needed flow of 3,500 gallons per minute or less within five road miles of the fire department and within 1,000 feet of a standard public fire hydrant. Properties not within 1,000 feet of a hydrant will receive the split classification (6X), according the State Rating Bureau.

Representatives from the State Rating Bureau review each fire department in the state approximately every five years. The rating is calculated based on the fire department (50 percent), water availability (40 percent) and communications and dispatch (10 percent). 

Mayor Donald Gray reported that the water pressure was one of the biggest contributors for the city receiving the improved rating. He also said notices from the State Rating Bureau have been mailed to insurance companies advising of the change. 

The State Rating Bureau also noted that insurance contracts covering dwellings in the city including comprehensive and homeowner policies  may be endorsed from May 9, on a pro rata basis, to take advantage of the applicable rates and premiums. 

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