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New Show Opens At Gallery In The Green Room On Saturday

The Gallery in the Green Room at 200 Panola Street in Water Valley is proud to present the work of New Orleans photographer, Kichea Burt. The new display opens Saturday, June 2, from 6 to 9 p.m. and runs to August 4 and will feature Louisiana and Mississippi musicians captured by Burt.

Gallerist Pati D’Amico is excited about featuring the photography in the home studio she and her husband, Bill Warren, operate. 

“When I moved to New Orleans 21 years ago, Kickea was my neighbor,” explained D’Amico. “She has been interested in photography since childhood – even working with pinhole photography at a young age.  She is interested in the  inner workings of life . ..whether it be people, as she is also a licensed therapist; or a sense of place, as she was born and raised in an interesting city, New Orleans; and nature,” D’Amico explained. 

D’Amico also said she shares the same birthday with Burt and many memories while they were living in New Orleans. Memories include Burt working hard photographing all the great musicians, both local and international, during the Jazz Fest. 

A favorite experience is a trip with Burt to see the Mardi Gras Indians on Super Sunday, which usually falls the day after Saint Joseph’s Day. D’Amico explains that Mardi Gras Indians are African Americans who honor the native American Indians by making detailed feathered and beaded costumes. The costumes are extravagant, with the men doing most of the sewing and bead work, often working a full year on the costumes. 

“It is like an obsession and the result is spectacular!” D’Amico explained.  “It is the one day of the year to see all the ‘tribes’ come out at the same time. They gather on the Bayou to dance, parade and play great music. You’re basically ‘running with the Indians.’  It’s an incredible experience.  I watched my friend, Kichea go into that connected space while she photographed the Indians. As with many in ‘the tribes’ Kichea is also part Choctaw,” D’Amico added. 

(Editor’s Note Pati D’Amico and Bill Warren moved from New Orleans to Water Valley in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and have been heavily vested in the local art scene.) 

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