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Deputies Make Arrest In Vehicle Burglaries

Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported the break in the investigation of vehicle burglaries at Enid Lake was the pattern, as the incidents occurred each Friday morning.

Patrick Hankins

By David Howell


ENID LAKE –A man wanted for a string of vehicle burglaries at boat ramps at McCurdy Point and Persimmon Hill at Enid Lake was arrested Friday morning after the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department set up a covert operation.

Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported Patrick Hankins, age 22, was arrested following a brief chase after deputy Jim Bailey observed him steal a gun out of a vehicle at Persimmon Hill Boat Ramp. Bailey was hiding in the woods waiting, along with other deputies who were set up at strategic locations nearby.

“We were getting reports each Friday that several vehicles were targeted at both Permission Hill and McCurdy Point,” the sheriff explained. “We decided that it was worth the effort to set up and see if he would return.”

Yalobusha County Investigator Jerimaine Gooch set up the sting operation early this morning, working with deputies Jason Mangrum, Steve Story, Aquarius Phillips and Bailey.

Hankins was able to flee in his vehicle after Bailey emerged from the woods but other deputies were already closing in, according to the sheriff.

“He met Investigator Gooch in the road and continued to flee. He hit a tree in a sharp curve, busting both front tires,” Humphreys said. The suspect was able to drive several more miles before the vehicle quit and he was taken into custody. The gun, which was thrown from the vehicle during the chase, was also recovered.

“Investigator Gooch did an excellent job of setting this up and the entire group worked hard to bring this string of burglaries to an end,” Humphreys said. “We want people visiting Enid Lake to have an enjoyable outing. We understand how frustrating it is to return from a day of fishing or boating and discover your vehicle had been burglarized.”

The sheriff added that it is extremely difficult to catch and prosecute these types of cases. 

“Other surveillance has been utilized during this investigation and will help link him to additional burglaries,” Humphreys added. Evidence was also recovered in Hankins’ vehicle linking him to at least one earlier burglary. He is currently facing felony charges for burglary of a vehicle and petty larceny from this morning but additional charges are expected.

How The Arrest Went Down

• Deputy Jim Bailey hides in the woods around 5:30 a.m. Friday morning.

• Patrick Hankins pulls down to boat ramp around 9:30 a.m. After getting out of his truck, he gets nervous and leaves because folks were fishing nearby.

• Hankins pulls back down a few minutes later, gets out, and walks up toward the parked vehicle. He reaches in one vehicle that was unlocked and gets a gun out and puts it in his truck.

• Bailey then walks out of the woods to make sure he doesn’t have time to bust a window out of other vehicles. 

• Hankins sees the deputy waling toward him and takes off in his vehicle.

• Investigator Jerimaine Gooch meets him in the road and attempts to stop  him.

• Hankins takes a curve too fast near the Persimmon Hill sewage dump and hits a tree, busting both front tires but keeps going.

• Hankins turns on Hwy. 51 and then turns west into Tallahatchie County. Deputies observe him throw the gun out the window.

• Hankins’ vehicle plays out several miles into Tallahatchie County and he is apprehended.

• Hankins is booked in the Yalobusha County Detention Center. 

• Evidence recovered from his vehicle is linked to a car burglary.

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