New Ordinance Requires Permit To Burn In The City

WATER VALLEY – Residents in Water Valley are now required to apply for a permit to burn rubbish and debris after aldermen adopted a burn ban ordinance during their January city meeting. The new ordinance provides a standardized method to obtain a permit to burn and provides notice to the Water Valley Fire Department.  

Applicants are required to notify the Water Valley Fire Department and provide the date, place, time, size and material proposed to be burned. Officials at the fire department will then determine whether the permit should be issued and if the permit is issued, the permit will be entered in a Burn Permit Log. There is no cost for the permit.

Recreational fires contained in an outdoor fireplace, fire or barbecue pit, campfire ring or other containers are exempt from the ordinance.

“Applicants are required to notify the Water Valley Fire Department,” City Attorney Daniel Martin explained before aldermen voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance during the Jan. 7 meeting. Martin said that permits granted by the fire department will logged in a ledger at the department.

The ordinance also includes penalties for violating the new ordinance, which includes a $100 fine for conducting an unauthorized and unpermitted burn or exceeding the terms and conditions of the permit. For any second offense occurring within a year of the first offense, the fine shall be $250. For all subsequent offenses within a year of the last preceding offense, the fine shall be $500.

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