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School Board Adopts Grading Policy


WATER VALLEY –  A grading policy for the fourth nine weeks was adopted at Monday’s night’s school board meeting as the Water Valley School Board of Trustees voted unanimously to assign students a 100 if they turn in packets or complete online assignments while school is out. Students who do not turn in the instructional materials assigned by the school will receive an 80 unless that lowers the student’s average from the first three nine weeks. If the 80 is lower than that average, the student will retain their average from the first three nine weeks. 

“I know this a weird way to do it, but we are in strange times,” board member Pierce Epes noted during the lengthy discussion as multiple grading options were considered. The decision to award an 80 for students who do not turn in work came as board members noted that some students do not have access to the internet nor parents who have been able to pick up the instructional materials, which includes packets and/or online work depending on the grade level.

“We have been telling them to do the work and that will help their grades,” Superintendent Jerry Williams said about the decision, which will benefit students who are turning in the work. Williams also said there will be a push to ensure every student receives a packet next week with instructional materials for the final three weeks of school. That push includes teachers using a roster and checking to ensure that every student receives a packet, as well as contacting parents if necessary. Williams added that the work will be graded for effort.

“We want to make sure every student gets a packet so they will have the opportunity,” Williams explained. He also noted  that students who were failing prior to the fourth nine weeks have already been contacted to stress the importance of turning in the assigned work. 

Williams also said that parents can email the school at if their child has not received a packet. He requested that parents include their mailing address in the email.


Williams also reported that the seniors could still have graduation, only later in the summer if circumstances permit.

“We want to wait it out to see if we can have a regular graduation, the students deserve that if possible,” the superintendent explained. 

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