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World Record Is Official

A threatening thunderstorm and light rain did not deter 745 competitors who set the world record to the Largest Watermelon-Eating Contest during the 2019 carnival. – Photo by Leslie Brooks


It’s official, Water Valley is the Guinness World Records Title Holder for the World’s Largest Watermelon-Eating Contest.

The approval came in an email to contest organizer Tonya Eubanks Thursday morning. The new world record was set during the 2019 Watermelon Carnival with 745 people simultaneously competing to see who could eat watermelon the fastest. Each competitor had a carefully measured portion and each step of the journey was carefully documented to meet strict guidelines from Guinness World Records.

The contest was organized by the Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Eubanks explained that breaking the record took months to plan and organize with hundreds of volunteers.

“Many hours were spent discussing and planning. My goal was to double the current record of 259 participants, which would have been 518. We not only doubled that number with 745, but almost tripled that number,” Eubanks reported. She also said the work documenting the contest was tedious.

“It took me several months to upload thousands of pictures and videos. I had to include media articles with photos and forms used to count the number of participants (which, of course, got wet from rain that night), aerial photos and videos. I had to include statements from independent witnesses. I uploaded photos from the beginning when the melons were pulled from the vines, cleaned, cut, bagged, boxed and stored. Photos were included of all participants entered the field and photos of the actual eating contest,” Eubanks told the Herald.

“What an awesome and fun event we had in Water Valley that night! This would not have been a success without the contribution of each and every individual that stood in the rain during the contest. Thanks to each volunteer and participant, without you this would not have been successful!” Eubanks added.

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