Former State Representative Gunned Down

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  1. Lisa Langley on June 22, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    Why doesn’t Sheriff Mark D. Fulco call a press conference like other concerned Sheriff’s do?
    Why isn’t the Community of Water Valley concerned about how their Sheriff is conducting corruption?
    I will pay to advertise his picture and number?
    This is like the Jessica Chambers case botched and the father was a cop?

    This does not make sense Why did it take 6 months and the suspect lived across the street?
    What do the people think in the trailer park?
    Think the police are intimidating those people in talking?

    Why is Ashley Henley’s body still there in the hands of people that never cared about her instead of the Crime Lab?
    She should of already went to the crime lab for her autopsy results? NO Watermelon Carnival for this town.

    The Sheriff does not care in his actions. That is a big problem in a community. He does not want to answer the community!

    Do you know him?

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