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One Step At A Time: Windsor Deal Moving

One Step At A Time: Windsor Deal Moving

By David Howell

    Yalobusha supervisors are awaiting the return of an operating agreement from Windsor Foods that would move the county one step closer to finalizing a deal that would locate the Houston-based company to Oakland in the building that formerly housed Mississippi Beef Processors, LLC.

    Board attorney John Crow said that Windsor’s attorneys continue to work on the agreement, but both the terms of the deal have been worked out.

    County officals have been negogiating for months with Windsor Foods. The county’s level of involvement stems from ownership of infrastructure that serves the facility, specifically a 500,000 gallon water tank, two high producing water wells, a wastewater lagoon, and 141 acres of land. The actual plant sits on 36 acres of land in the tract.     

    The primary deal will be brokered through Windsor Foods and the owner of the building, Community Bank.

    “Windsor lawyers are still working on the operating agreement,” Crow said during the “first Monday” board of supervisors meeting in Coffeeville.

    “I will need a couple of days to look at the operating agreement before I present it to you,” Crow told supervisors when the document returns to the county.

    Supervisors set tenative dates of May 14 and 21 for recessed meetings in hopes of taking immediate action on the document. Premilinary job estimates for the new plant, if it opens in Oakland, have been  reported in the 150 range.

    Windsor Foods produces high-quality frozen foods for the consumer market, restaurants, and food service operations. The company operates 27 production lines and nine manufacturing plants in six states.

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