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Valley Schools Keep Coveted Level 5 Rating

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – The community’s strongest asset, the school district, maintained a Superior performance rating with the announcement that Davidson Elementary School and Water Valley High School each retained Level 5.

    Level 5 is the highest number based on a one to five scale, with one being the lowest.

    “I am very proud of the staff and students,” Superintendent Sammy Higdon said. Another important factor for the school’s success – as explained by Higdon – the support of the community.

    “The community is behind us and this is an important factor,” Higdon said.

    Much of the rating is based on testing, for grades second through eighth, who take the Mississippi Curriculum Test; and for high school students who test in subject areas.

    In each grade, the number of students who scored proficient or advanced is the measuring stick for the school’s success.

    And, as in recent years, Higdon said that the test scores from students in the district were strong when compared to other school districts in the state and surrounding area.

    “Our seventh grade math scores were some of the most outstanding in the state,” Higdon proudly reported.

    The scores, which were generated during the testing late in the 2006-2007 school year, were released Friday by the Mississippi Department of Education.

    As important as these test scores are, Higdon said he is not standing still.

    “This is the last year for the MCT,” Higdon explains. This year, the bar has been raised with a new test for Mississippi school, the MCT2 test.

    “The state is going to take a major punch,” Higdon said about the new test which raises state testing standards to a national level.

    “Our goal is to be among the top 30 percent of schools in the state,” Higdon said about anticipated performance on the new test.

    Even as the current test scores are being digested, Higdon said prep work is already underway to  prepare students for the new MCT2 test – and for the future.

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