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Coffeeville Man Charged With Home Burglary

    A two-week crime spree ended for a Coffeeville man after he was captured by deputies siphoning gas from a vehicle on County Road 87.

    Harold D. White, age 19, of County Road 87 was apprehended  after the vehicle’s owner saw him outside and called 911 Wednesday night.

    After White was transported to the Yalobusha County Jail, investigators were able link him to two other burglaries in the same vicinity, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys.

    White faces one count of vehicle burglary, one count of burglary of a residence and one count of petty larceny.

    “He was already a suspect for a home burglary that had been reported a day earlier,” Humphreys said.

    In that incident, a home on County Road 85 had been the target of White who allegedly gained entry through a window and stole a shotgun, rifle and handgun. The homeowners had been away for several days and reported the crime on Tuesday, August, 21.

    “White had actually visited the same house five or six days earlier, and the homeowner  believes he was casing it,” Humphreys said.

    The third charge stemmed from an August 15 incident in which White allegedly stole a 38 snub nose revolver, a portable DVD player and CDs from a vehicle parked on County Road 85.

    Humphreys said that all of the stolen items were recovered from White’s house.

    White remains incarcerated in the Yalobusha County Jail awaiting an initial appearance.    


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